What To Know About Trillion Cut Diamonds

What To Know About Trillion Cut Diamonds

Design Your Ring
Design Your Ring

Trillion cut diamonds are known for their triangular shape, which offers a unique look when compared to other common diamond shapes. These stones are mainly used as accent stones, but they also create a stunning choice for your center diamond. If you are looking for a distinct diamond shape for your engagement ring, then trillion-cut diamonds can be an excellent choice for you. If you are interested in this stone, the following are some of the important things you have to know:

Pros Of Trillion-Cut Diamonds

There are some specific advantages you can get by choosing trillion cut diamonds. Some of the appealing benefits associated with these stones are listed below:

They Offer A Bigger Look: Because of their specific shape, trillion cuts offer a bigger appearance for your diamonds than other shapes of the same carat weight. Hence, if you prefer a bigger diamond for your engagement ring, then design your ring with a trillion diamond as the center stone.

They Are Less Expensive: Trillion-cut diamonds can be more affordable than round diamonds and many other diamond shapes. Therefore, they can be suitable for people who are looking for low-cost options for their engagement rings.

Offer A Distinct Look: If you prefer something unique from the traditional look offered by round, princess, oval, and other common diamond shapes, then trillion-cut diamonds can be a great choice for you.  They can make your ring special with their triangular shape.

Cons Of Trillion-Cut Diamonds

There are some disadvantages associated with trillion-cut diamonds. Some of them include:

They Are More Vulnerable To Chipping: Trillion-cut diamonds can come with both sharp and rounded corners. The sharp corners can make them vulnerable to chipping and damage.

They Are More Difficult To Set: Because of their specific shape, trillion diamonds are more difficult to set on a mounting. So when you plan to create your engagement ring with this diamond shape, be aware of this drawback.

Trillion Cuts Are Less Brilliant: Trillion cuts are not suitable for those who want their engagement rings to be shiny. These cuts are shallower than most other diamond shapes, hence, they cannot reflect light efficiently.

They Need More Cleaning: Because of the low brilliance and sparkle associated with these stones, they need more cleaning to look appealing on your engagement ring.

If you are planning to get trillion-cut diamonds for your engagement ring, then make sure to consider their pros and cons. This can be beneficial for you to determine, whether they can be perfect for you.

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