What To Engrave On Your Engagement Ring?

What To Engrave On Your Engagement Ring?

Design Your Own Ring
Design Your Own Ring

People are looking for creative and innovative ideas to customize their engagement rings. You may choose to design your own ring so that it will be one of a kind and special. But if you are looking for simple yet unique ideas to customize your ring, then engravings are a great option. A wide variety of engravings can be chosen to be engraved on your ring. This can be an affordable option to customize your ring in comparison with choosing to create your own ring.

You can seek the help of a jeweler to inscribe a message, date, or symbol that has great significance to you. The engravings are mostly done by hand or machine. Hand engravings are costly, as they are time-consuming; needless to mention the amount of effort that goes into it. The cost of engravings depends on the length of the message, in addition to the chosen font.

The following are some of the best engraving ideas to include in your engagement ring:


This is one of the commonly used engraving ideas. You can choose a date that is significant to you for inscribing on your ring. This can be the date you met for the first time, the date of your first kiss, your engagement date, or any other date that is important for you and your partner. This can also help you to commemorate that particular date after your wedding.

Name Or Initials

You can engrave your partner’s name or initials on your ring. Choosing to inscribe the initials can help to save the cost associated with engraving. You can also choose to add their first name, last name, or nicknames to the engagement ring.

Bible Verse

You can carve your favorite bible verse or a verse that signifies your relationship on your ring. If the verse’s length is long and it won’t fit the ring, then shorten it or choose to add the name of the verse only.

Short Message

This is another popular engraving idea loved by couples. You can add a short message like “I will love you forever” on your ring to symbolize the special relationship you have with your partner.

Funny Phrases

You can carve an inside joke on your ring; one that just the two of you can relate to. You can also try a variety of other ideas like song lyrics, images, significant locations, etc. to make your engagement ring symbolic and special.

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