What Are The Advantages Of Bezel Setting?

What Are The Advantages Of Bezel Setting?

Design Your Own Ring
Design Your Own Ring

Choosing the best setting is one of the challenges that you have to face when you design your own ring. There are a wide range of ring setting available and choosing one cannot be an easy task. You should not choose the first ring setting that comes to your mind, you need to do proper research and find out which setting matches your diamond best. When you build your engagement ring, it will be unique and you want something that no one else has.

The popularity of bezel settings is increasing day by day. A bezel setting is a ring that secures the stone from the inside of a custom-made thin metal ring that encircles the outside of the stone, ensuring it is safe and secure while showcasing its brilliance.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of bezel settings.

Can Hide The Visual Flaws

When compared to a prong setting, the bezel setting’s design allows it to cover the maximum surface area of a diamond. This will allow it to hide some of the visual flaws of the diamond. Several diamonds with a poor clarity grade, for example, will have obvious inclusions. When these flaws are near the diamond’s edges, the metal rim of a bezel setting may obscure them, rendering them less visible to the human eye.

Easier Maintenance

Most bezel settings are easy to maintain because of their very simple design. Because there are no prongs to inspect or clean on a regular basis, taking care of the gemstone and setting will be substantially easier.

Best Option For People With Active Lifestyle

Bezel settings are a brilliant option for persons with busy lifestyles who could use a lasting engagement ring due to their endurance. This rim of this setting secures any type of diamond in place.

Ensures More Security

One of the most significant benefits of a bezel setting is that it secures the diamond better than most ring settings. The bezel setting is one of the safest engagement ring settings because of its tailored fit and the custom fit tight rim around the center stone.

Reduces The Damage To The Stone

The diamond is also protected by the metal rim of the bezel setting. The rim can protect the center stone’s edges from cracking and/or breaking by encircling the edges.

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