Tips To Take Care Of Your Loose Diamonds

Tips To Take Care Of Your Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

People prefer to buy loose diamonds instead of mounted ones because of a wide range of reasons. Some people buy them as an investment, as the value of mounted stones can greatly depreciate over time. Many people get them because of their affordability when compared to mounted ones. You can get cheap loose diamonds from online as well as physical jewelry stores when compared to the higher price tags associated with mounted ones.

Some people purchase loose diamonds intending to set them on a mounting later so that they can choose a setting and design based on the changing trends at the time when they mount it. Another factor that attracts people to loose diamonds is their wide availability. You can easily find loose diamonds with the required shape, size, and color when compared to mounted diamonds. Therefore, getting loose diamonds instead of mounted ones can offer you a wide range of advantages.

However, if you have loose diamonds, it is important to give them better care to maintain their appeal and prevent damage. Therefore, we list some of the important tips that you have to know for taking care of your loose diamonds.

Store Your Diamonds Separately Wrapped Up In Cloth Or Tissue Paper

Even though diamonds are extremely strong, they are not invulnerable to damage. Diamonds can break and chip if they are hit at the most vulnerable points like the girdle and pointed corners. These stones can also get scratched if they rub against other diamonds. Therefore, it is better to avoid storing your loose diamonds together. This can increase the risk of chipping, scratching, and breaking. So make sure to store each of your diamonds separately to prevent them from coming into contact with each other.

Also, wrapping them up in cloth or tissue paper can aid to prevent the scratching caused by other stones or the surface where they are stored.

Clean Your Diamonds

Keep your diamonds clean to maintain their appeal. Diamonds can get cloudy if oil and dirt stick to their surface. So it is better to keep them clean to avoid these stones looking dull and cloudy. If you are planning to sell your diamonds, their appearance can have a great impact on the value and price they get. Therefore, make sure to maintain the appeal of your stones by keeping them clean.

Avoid Touching Your Stones

The oil present in your hands can be transferred to the diamonds when you touch them. Hence, it is better to avoid touching your stones so that they will remain clean and beautiful.

Even if your diamonds are stored safely somewhere, it is better to inspect them to find out if they are damaged in any manner. This can help you to identify whether there is any possibility for your stones to get damaged.

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