Tips That Help You Design Your Diamond Ring Better

Diamond jewelry in itself is an artwork and adding your creativity into the design of a diamond ring makes you grow even fond of the prized possession. Like you have a plethora of options in diamonds, be it in terms of cut or settings, you have a range of options that help you in the whole designing process. The easy tips shared below can help you design your diamond ring easily.

Start early

Before you start designing a diamond, you have to realize that it would take some time for the process to get done. If you are designing the diamond for any special occasion, remember to start working on the diamond design early so that you will finish the process before the occasion.

Get some inspiration

Even if you trust in the creative designer that you are, getting some inspiration before you head to design your own ring would be good. You may like some individual features in the images that inspired you and can suitably adopt this into your diamond ring design.

Find a reputed jeweler                                        

To design a diamond ring for yourself, you have to find a reputed jeweler that is trustworthy. At RockHer you can custom design your own ring where you will be able to make creations based on your own personal taste and ideas. Their highly professional jewelers will give you the space and tools you need to add in your creative ideas into the design you always imagined.

The metal choice is yours

When it comes to designing your own diamond ring, you have the freedom to choose a metal that goes well with your persona. White gold, platinum, yellow gold etc are the classic choices and people are now growing increasingly fond of bold choices like palladium, titanium and rose gold.

Mixing and matching metals in the diamond ring is the current trend that offers better customization. Two-tone metal ring is a favorite choice of people who prefer two metals in the ring to single metal.

Traditionally used metal finish is polished finish, and if you want to make your design stand out, you can go for a matte or satin finish that gives a textured look to the ring.

Choosing the prong style

Prongs hold the diamond in place ensuring its security and there are many options in prongs too. They come in different shapes like rounded, pointed, flat etc and while choosing a prong for your diamond ring, make sure it complements the diamond well.

Consider the option of inscription engraving

To make the diamond ring unique you can add an inscription on the inside of the band and it can be something that has a personal connection.

Voice engraving

Capturing the voice of your favorite person in a visualized sound bite and laser-engraving it on the ring is a creative option that you can try.

Choose nothing but the best diamond cut

You have a number of options in diamond cuts and if you want the diamond design to be exclusively yours, you have to choose a diamond cut that you feel will suit you best. Round, princess, pear and cushion are some of the common diamond cuts and if you want to, you can even choose no cut by going with the option of uncut diamonds. The uncut diamonds are placed in the metal exactly in the shape obtained from the earth with the setting fitting the diamond.

To get that vintage feel, go for milgrain detailing

Milgrain beading detail that helps to highlight the beauty of the center diamond is quite common in antique jewelry and adding it to your ring design will add a vintage touch to your diamond ring.

Make the right selection from the setting options

Like in the case of diamond cuts, there are plenty of options in the settings category too and you have to choose the ideal setting from the options. Halo, bezel, cathedral, cluster, shank etc are some of the diamond settings and they vary in terms of how secure they are and how well they complement the diamond.

Choose jewelers that offer a wax model of the ring

After you have created a design of the diamond ring, you have to explain the idea to your jeweler who will then offer you a sketch of the design. You can check the sketch to ensure that no detail in your design is missing in it. Once you approve the sketch, the jeweler will make a wax model of the ring to give you a clear idea about the way your self-designed ring will look finally.

Not all jewelers will necessarily offer this facility and if you have decided on designing your diamond, it is better to get the service of a jeweler that offers the wax model.

When you buy a diamond ring from a retailer, you consider various logical factors to be sure of its quality. Many a times, the quality standards, and aesthetics would not go perfectly well and the ring sometimes fails to connect with you. If you want your diamond ring to suit your persona better, you can confidently start designing your own diamond ring.

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