Tips For Keeping Your Diamond Ring Sparkling

Tips For Keeping Your Diamond Ring Sparkling

Design Your Ring
Design Your Ring

Diamond is all about sparkle and shine. Everyone desire to keep their ring sparkling new. However, this is not an easy task. Diamond is a natural magnet for grease and dirt, hence, it is easy for dirt to get accumulated on your diamond thereby reducing its brilliance and shine. Hence, it is important to always keep your diamond ring clean to keep it sparkling. Therefore, we provide you some important tips for maintaining the glow of your diamond ring so that it will always look new.

Handle Your Ring Carefully

Diamonds can get dirty easily and it is important to handle your diamond ring carefully. Avoid your ring coming into contact with oil or dirt. These substances can adhere to the ring reducing its sparkle and shine.

Clean Your Ring Regularly

Cleaning your ring regularly can help you to maintain its brilliance for a long time. Soak the ring in a degreasing solution. You can easily prepare this solution by mixing a few drops of mild dish wash into the water. This will remove the dirt and oil from the ring. You can use a brush to rub off the remaining dirt from the ring. But you have to be very careful and gentle when using a brush. It is better to avoid using a brush if your ring has a delicate design.

If you have chosen to design your ring with fragile and delicate designs, you have to give extra care when you clean the ring. This is especially important if you customize your engagement ring with complex designs and settings such as estate jewelry which can be easily damaged.

Be Gentle

After you wash the ring, dry it with a soft and lint-free cloth. If you design your ring with a large number of accent stones, you have to be really cautious when drying it. The small prongs that are used to hold these stones can get caught in the cloth and they will get damaged. This can increase the risk of losing your stones. Hence, when you dry your ring, make sure to give individual care for each stone.

Avoid Harmful Solutions

It is better to avoid the use of strong chemicals for cleaning the ring. They can harm the metal of your ring, and they might also reduce the sparkle of your stone. Hence, avoid the use of chlorine, bleach and other household cleaners for cleaning your diamond ring. Use only mild cleaners for cleaning the ring.

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