Important Tips To Design Own Diamond Engagement Ring

Important Tips To Design Own Diamond Engagement Ring

Design Own Diamond Engagement Ring
Design Own Diamond Engagement Ring

Wedding engagements are the most important function in the life of a couple, and the ring used remains incredibly special for a lifetime. Nowadays many couples design their diamond engagement rings so that it is unique, and gives special meaning to the event. But, it can be a daunting task as many factors must be considered when designing it. The purpose of this article is to help you design own diamond engagement ring; read on to know more about it.

Take Your Time

It takes longer to design your own unique diamond engagement ring because you start doing it from scratch. This involves long discussions with your designer to share all your ideas about different aspects of the ring design. Besides, it is a continual process making changes to the design that the craftsman creates. The designing process begins with a preliminary 3D model, sketch, or computer rendering, and adjustments are done on until you arrive at the final design. It can take at least six weeks for the custom design to be made and get delivered after you order it.

Fix Your Budget

Before you design own diamond engagement ring, it is important to set the budget, and this is the first question designers or craftsmen ask. Then you make the design choices, choose ring material, type of diamond, etc. This prevents the budget from going overboard and helps you with limiting the number of choices.  Moreover, bear in mind that custom design jewelry is always priced higher than the premade designs.

Narrow Down The Ring Style

The first decision that you must make is to select between classic, traditional, or modern look. Some of the popular styles are solitaire, halo, side stones, three stones, and vintage. Moreover, the overall style of the ring is also influenced by the ring setting. These are prong, bezel, tension, pave setting, channel setting, and bar setting.

Selecting Material

After selecting the ring style, the next step to build your diamond ring is selecting the material that falls within your budget. It is available mainly in three options yellow, white, and rose gold. Listed below are some of the standard metals used in engagement rings.

  • Yellow Gold: This is the traditional metal used in the jewelry world over. It is also popular with craftsmen because it is easier to work with gold.
  • Rose Gold: This has all the benefits of yellow gold, but with a different tint. It complements red and pink diamond engagement rings.
  • White Gold: This is another variant of gold, it starts as yellow gold, and gets its white color from rhodium coating.
  • Palladium: It is a silver-white colored metal that is hypoallergic. It is also a flexible metal.
  • Platinum: This is an expensive metal because of its rarity and durability. It is naturally pure white and perfectly complements colorless diamond engagement rings.

These are the top things that you must bear in mind when you build your diamond ring.

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