How To Grade A Diamond For A Ring That You Are Designing?

How To Grade A Diamond For A Ring That You Are Designing?

Create Your Own Diamond Ring
Create Your Own Diamond Ring

Diamond grading has always been something limited to the 4C’s – clarity, cut, color and carat. The shine, brilliance, and fire of a diamond were said to depend on these factors alone. But with the advancement in technology, more knowledge gave rise to new doubts which lead to new ideas. These fresh ideas have slowly started becoming opinions and this will result in the change of the present system.

The old diamond grading system is vulnerable to error, and is unnecessary effort when the latest technology can give better accurate readings and considers wider characteristics of the diamond.

Here are the factors that have influenced the change in the industry.

Customer Demands

The Internet has changed lives in every stream. So, how could it not have any effect in the diamond industry?

The internet opened doors for common people to immense knowledge on everything including diamonds. Because of their increased knowledge, now they question more and demand transparency. They only trust a reliable seller that will provide them with the best quality stones.

Advanced Technology

With the growth in technology, the diamond grading system evolved in a way no one predicted it would. Software, and AI and machines started replacing humans in labs and work sites. Earlier, diamonds were tested and graded by gemologists- hence, had to be shipped to the destination. Now, the state of the art software does the work.

In 1990, Sarine introduced the first technology to grade the cut of diamonds. Following this milestone, many more were created.

Now, technology has developed to include the testing of attributes of diamonds more than the 4 C’s. These include light performance, inclusion position, etc. When the technology to conduct these tests are available, how can the industry stick to only the basic four?

Increase In Standard

With the increase in demand and expanse of technology, the standard of diamonds available also increased.  Jewelry retailers and famous diamond brands are looking all over the world for novel designs, cuts and colors to attract customers. The rise in demand and competition has increased the standard of diamonds, designs with better cuts and accurateness.

What Are The Other Attributes Of A Diamond That Are Considered While Grading It?

  • Light Performance
  • Hearts And Arrows
  • Specialty Cuts
  • Private Branded Grading
  • Inclusions

Buying diamonds which have gone through these modern tests are the best choice for you if you want to create your own diamond ring. Design your own diamond ring using the latest ideas and your personality.

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