Custom Jewelry Design Ideas To Make Your Wedding Classy

Custom Jewelry Design Ideas To Make Your Wedding Classy

Design Your Own Ring
Design Your Own Ring

A piece of customized jewelry will better satisfy one’s taste, and it will provide a little bit offbeat yet stunning look that everybody will admire. Do you plan to create your own diamond ring for your future spouse? If yes, you would be seeking ideas on ways to customize that piece of jewelry. Shared below are some of those ideas.

A Clustered Diamond Ring

To cluster gemstones essentially means to use stones with different shapes in one ornament. A clustered diamond setting will look stunning, and diamonds are trendy options for a wedding ring with this look. You may also use the setting for a wedding necklace or bracelet. The diamonds to be set on that ornament of your choice can have marquise cut, oval shape, or round cut. Are you interested in implementing this idea when it is time to design your own ring? If yes, consider working with jewelers specialized in making pieces with a cluster of gemstones.

A Stacked Ring Or Signet Ring

Rings are essential parts of all weddings. Stacking some different rings to create the look of one piece has become more popular recently. You may select and mix different yet complementary metal and gemstones to cause this ornament to look more interesting. You may select a wedding ring paved with diamonds and combine it with either a platinum or a gold band. The sparkling stones and the polished precious metal will appear sophisticated and tasteful, plus these will catch the eye of people.

Alternatively, you may choose to have a signet wedding ring that is custom designed. Today’s brides have surprised their partners with signet rings that have the latter’s initials engraved. For your wedding, you may go for a gold ring and have it customized with your partner’s initials engraved on its diamond.

A Thick Diamond Bracelet

The so-called ‘tennis bracelet’ may be a classic choice for the wedding of yours. Anyhow, it could be pretty rewarding in the event you rock a wider diamond bracelet on the wrist to be more noticeable than others in the ceremony.

It is possible to have a bracelet designed according to an individual’s preferences. For instance, one may go for a thick white metal bracelet that has diamonds set all over the piece. Or else, they may go for clustered diamonds set in a form of thick bracelet to have a statement piece.

With these rings, rest assured you will be the showstopper!

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