What To Know When Getting Moissanite Engagement Rings

What To Know When Getting Moissanite Engagement Rings

Create Your Own Diamond Ring
Create Your Own Diamond Ring

Moissanite stones are popular gemstones that are often used as an alternative to diamonds because of their colorless look and excellent shine. Moissanite stones are popular in their own regard, as a lot of people love their colorful sparkle instead of the white shine of diamonds. If you are looking for a diamond alternative with low-cost and almost comparable looks, then moissanite can be a great option. You can make it your center stone if you are planning to design your own engagement ring.

People have a lot of doubts regarding moissanite, especially, when used as a diamond alternative. So through this article, we cover all the important information you want to know about these beautiful stones so that you can determine whether they can be suitable for you.

Are Moissanite Stones Real Diamonds?

No. Even though moissanite stones can offer a look similar to that of diamonds, they are not real diamonds. Their chemical and physical properties are different from that of diamonds. Moissanite stones can repel dirt and oil better in comparison with diamonds.

Are There Different Grades For Moissanite?

Yes. There are three grades of moissanite stones that are commonly available for you. One of them is the “classic grade” that comes with a yellowish-green color. But as the technology progressed, experts began to create moissanite stones that can have a close resemblance to diamonds. Now you can get colorless as well as near-colorless moissanite.

Colorless moissanite can look like an E-colored diamond, whereas, near colorless stones can be similar to H-colored diamonds.

Does Moissanite Have Resale Value?

Even though moissanite is inferior to diamonds in terms of its value, these stones can also have a good resale value. But the resale value can be extremely lower than its original price.

Is Moissanite Ethical?

Moissanite can be an ethical alternative to diamonds, as they are lab-grown. Even though ethical diamonds are also available for you, they are more expensive when compared to moissanite stones.

Will Your Moissanite Ring Last For Ever?

Yes. Moissanite has great strength and durability. So you can wear your moissanite engagement ring daily without worrying about it easily getting damaged.

Can You Distinguish Between Moissanite And Diamond?

Even though the look of moissanite and diamonds can be greatly similar, they can have a significant difference when considering the shine they exhibit. Diamonds are characterized by their stunning white shine, but moissanite creates a beautiful colorful sparkle.

So when choosing moissanite to create your own diamond ring, make sure to consider all these factors.

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