What to Know about Treatment of Diamonds

What to Know about Treatment of Diamonds

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If you are on your pursuit to buy a diamond to build a diamond ring, you must know the difference between a treated diamond and a normal one. Diamond treatment is the method used to enhance the color and clarity of the diamond. There will be a considerable difference between a natural diamond and a treated diamond in its appearance. However, if you are ignorant about the treatment of diamonds, the jeweler may deceive you by giving you a treated diamond instead of a normal one.

Normally an actual diamond will cost more than a treated diamond. This is because it is a low-quality diamond, which is usually treated to make it look excellent.

Enhancement of Color

Every diamond which is tested by GIA can be proven as to if it has undergone any color enhancement works. Sometimes a diamond can be coated with a very thin layer of plastic or chemicals to hide the undesirable color. This coating work will enhance the color of the diamond. In some other cases, a diamond simulant can be coated with a thin layer of lab-made diamond, thereby giving it some features of a real diamond.

The HPHT method is very well known for enhancing the color of a diamond. In this method, the diamond will be treated in high temperature and pressure, which can render the stone colorless or even change the color into pink, green, blue, etc. Whether or not a diamond has undergone HPHT treatment can be understood only under close examination done in a grading laboratory which is well equipped.

Enhancement of Clarity

The clarity of a diamond is usually enhanced using two techniques. They are fracture filling and laser drilling. The white fractures that might be present in a diamond are called “feathers.” In the process of fracture filling, the clarity of the stone is increased by inserting a glass-like substance into the fracture to make it less seen by the naked eyes. However, the filling is prone to be damaged during the cleaning of the diamond.

Laser drilling is the technique used to remove small dark-colored inclusions in a diamond. A laser creates a hole in the diamond and burns away the inclusion. Thereafter a bleaching agent can be inserted into the channel to make the appearance of the inclusion better.

Identifying a Treated Diamond

You can easily identify a treated diamond by looking at the GIA grading report. If the stone has received some temporary changes as a result of the treatment, GIA will not grade such a diamond. On the other hand, it will grade a diamond, which has undergone some permanent changes in the treatment, and this change will be written clearly in the report.

Keep these in mind while you buy a diamond to build your own diamond engagement ring.

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