What Are Diamond Accents and Why Do These Matter?

What Are Diamond Accents and Why Do These Matter?

Design Your Diamond Ring

Have you felt that it is nice to make your present or future ring more sparkly? If yes, you should consider adding diamond accents into your setting. This is a good element to add if you are planning to design your diamond ring, especially.

What Do Diamond Accents Refer To?

These are the stones set around or on both sides of your main or central diamond to draw attention to the centerpiece. Accent diamonds will make your center stone look larger provided that these are around half the weight of that gemstone. The accents alone do not have much value, but these derive the value from being set together with the central stone. If the setting is taken apart, you may get a decent price for that stone, but your accent diamonds might not get you a favorable price. That is what it is like.

What Are Right Ratios For Accents In A Trilogy Ring?

There are no magic formulae or no hard and fast rules in this regard. That is because your preferences should determine relative proportions. The design of the setting and shape of each accent diamond are elements that will have an effect on your choice too.

With that in mind, here is our guideline for choosing these rocks in a three-stone ring. Generally, we would recommend the stones about half the size of your centerpiece. For instance, if it is a round-cut diamond with VS2 clarity grade and weighs one carat, you may consider accents about 0.5 carats. We too would recommend keeping clarity or color grades inside two ratings of the centerpiece.

Then again, we must reiterate that this is only a tip and no rule set in stone. For those who like the appearance of bigger or smaller accents, nothing else should matter more than that preference.

Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship Also Matter When Adding Accent Rocks

The craftsmanship and skill standards of the jeweler will decide whether the piece will pop or look unexceptional. Each diamond accent is polished one at a time and is different, so scrutiny is needed at the jeweler’s process side.

Conversely, when differently-sized accents are needed in designs such as tapered channels, then their craftsmanship will be the factor that decides the look quality of the final piece. Good jewelry designers care about even the smallest details and enforce stringent standards when fabricating the ring.

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