Ways Men Are Ruining Their Wedding Bands

Ways Men Are Ruining Their Wedding Bands

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The wedding marks your eternal union with your partner and, thereby, an important milestone in your life. This function is spruced up by exchanging diamond rings as a symbol of your forever love and devotion towards each other. Nowadays, most people tend to embrace the idea of ‘create your own diamond ring’ to make it an exclusive and signature piece of their love. However, mind that it takes a significant amount of time to build a diamond ring.

While most women would have worn diamond rings even before their wedding, you are likely to hear most men saying that they are going to wear a diamond ring for the first time in their life. Hence, they will have hardly any idea about caring for their resplendent diamond wedding bands. In other words, men are likely to do many things in their everyday life that can ruin their diamond wedding rings. Some of those common mistakes that you must avoid at any cost after your wedding are given below.

Working Out

Almost every person will be a fitness freak these days; let alone the case of men. All married men out there are requested to take off your beautiful weddings bands before hitting the gym. This is extremely significant for the longevity of your sparkler. Otherwise, you are likely to accidentally hit your gemstone hard with your workout gears or make dents on your metal bands.

Doing Manual Labor

Are you employed in a field that requires you to work a lot with your hands? For instance, a landscaper, sculptor, home service, etc. In such cases, it is better to take off your gleaming baubles. The same this is applicable when you indulge in manual labor such as cleaning your backyard, gardening, cooking, etc. In such cases, the chances for your wedding ring to get dinged or bent are high. Otherwise, use appropriate protection such as a ring wrap that will cover your ring perfectly from dirt and grime. Alternatively, you may switch your wedding bands with a silicone band on workdays if you find it overwhelming to roam around without a band after your wedding.

Not Having It Cleaned Or Checked

The best way to prevent your wedding bands from getting damaged is by checking it frequently with the help of a professional. This way, you will be able to spot the issues that may arise shortly and counter it earlier. For instance, prongs are likely to wear out over time. If you check your rings regularly, you can spot bent prongs earlier and can repair it and secure your ring. Otherwise, you are likely to lose your expensive diamond. Similarly, cleaning your rings regularly as well will enhance its longevity and durability.

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