Two Style Options to Consider If You Are Having a Ring Designed

Two Style Options to Consider If You Are Having a Ring Designed

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Shopping for an engagement ring can be very difficult for men because mostly they do not keep up with all the hottest jewelry designs and latest fashion trends out there. It can get rather confusing as to which kinds of engagement rings are the finest options. Knowing the 4C’s of a diamond is good, and finding a trustable jeweler is essential. Besides, you can consider choosing from many different bespoke engagement ring styles. There is nothing wrong with having an engagement ring designed by an expert. Here are two styles to consider, if you are going to design your own ring, and get it made by a professional.

An Asscher Cut Solitaire Ring

One of the many options which people prefer is an engagement ring featuring a diamond with an Asscher cut. It is indeed a bold option, which will draw everyone’s attention. So choose the rock with the cut for your fiancée’s finger. While it is akin to a square diamond cut, the corners of it appear ‘trimmed off’, giving the stone that extra edge or extra something which will make it more desirable. This helps to give a very brilliant and sparkly center stone for your ring. For the ring with an Asscher cut stone at the center, choose a big carat size, because the size is what draws everybody’s attention to it. This diamond style is a perfect choice as it has an extremely large appearance, even though the carat weight is modest in actual. Of course, you would like to choose as big a diamond as your purse can afford.

A Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring

There is no one particular diamond shape that appeals to everyone’s senses the same way, which is to say, the above-mentioned cut is not for everyone. In the case you feel that your lady love would be interested in something slightly smoother, an engagement ring with a cushion-shaped diamond may be the perfect option. It is one more large-looking diamond which is ideal for solitaire engagement ring styles. Many love this diamond cut as it is rather unique and is extremely brilliant. It is akin to an emerald-shaped diamond, but with relatively more rounded corners. If you feel that a cushion-shaped diamond ring is something that your bride-to-be would like, consider having designed by bespoke diamond ring makers. They have several ways to design it for you.

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