Trending Diamond Ring Designs for This Holiday Season

Trending Diamond Ring Designs for This Holiday Season

Design Your Diamond Ring
Trending Diamond Ring Designs

Once you found out the love of your life and decided to take the next important step, you may probably start the search for an impressive diamond engagement ring. Obviously, you may look for nothing but the best when it comes to your engagement ring. After all, it is the symbol of your eternal love and commitment towards her.

For this, there are mainly two options; you can either choose a readymade ring or you may design your own diamond ring. The latter will be, however, ideal to make her instantly fall in love with the ring at the very first moment. The former option lacks the unique factor. Plus, it may not necessarily complement the style and personality of your partner. This point is really significant since she is likely to wear her diamond engagement ring for the rest of her life.

Of course, you may probably wait for the right moment to nail your engagement proposal. What would be a better option than a holiday season? Take your significant other to any exotic place and propose her. Note that holiday seasons are perfect to stage romantic scenarios. If you are wondering about the right diamond ring designs and styles that can flatter your partner, below are some of the brilliant ideas that are raging this season in order to customize your engagement ring.

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

There is no doubt when it comes to the upsurging popularity of rose gold diamond rings these days. The alluring color of rose gold is one of the main factors that helped it to secure a place amongst the most admired metal setting options for bridal rings. The vintage appeal of the metal as well added to its overall beauty and attractiveness. When a brilliant diamond is set in the rose gold band, the warm pink hues of the metal will instantly give a romantic and feminine appeal to the sparkler. Even though rose gold metal settings are perfect to enhance the beauty of vintage settings, it looks incredibly appealing when used in contemporary and stylish diamond ring settings as well.

Trilogy Diamond Engagement Rings

Multi-stone diamond engagement rings were always in vogue. Nowadays, the trilogy diamond rings are drawing the attention of people like anything. As the name indicates, trilogy diamond rings feature three diamonds. Usually, a center diamond will be flanked with an accent diamond on each side in this type of diamond ring setting. When it comes to the size of diamonds, it depends on the symbolism of your engagement ring. You may choose diamonds of similar shape and size in order to represent significant attributes such as friendship, fidelity, and love in your relationship. Alternately, go for a bigger center stone and comparatively smaller accent stones in order to represent the past, present, and future respectively of your relationship. If you plan to pop the question this holiday season, it will be a great idea to design your diamond ring with trilogy settings.

Tanzanite Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are one of those couples who tend to steer away from traditional engagement ring styles and prefer to go the unconventional way, you may design your diamond ring using tanzanite stones. The spectacular hues of tanzanite gemstones are sure to take the breath away of everyone who laid eyes on your ring. The rarity of tanzanite stones as well makes it a valuable piece of jewelry. Furthermore, accent your tanzanite center stone with halo or tiny diamonds or other multi-diamond settings in order to emphasize the beauty of the main gemstone as well as to boost up the overall bling factor of your ring.

Marquise or Pear Cut Diamond Rings

Another stunning option that is ruling the diamond engagement rings market this holiday season is elongated fancy diamond cuts, especially pear and marquise cuts. The main attraction of these diamond cuts is their ability to instantly boost up the fire, brilliance, and scintillation of diamonds. In addition, the elongated profile of pear and marquise diamond rings is perfect to make the fingers look slimmer. So, pear or marquise diamond rings will be a flattering option if your better half has short or wide fingers. However, make sure to choose ideal cut diamonds in this case since thin or wide diamond cuts will make pear or marquise diamonds look dull or less brilliant.

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage style diamond engagement rings never fail to amaze the viewers irrespective of seasons or eras. In fact, there are no other diamond ring styles that can carry classic, elegant, and extraordinary diamond settings as beautiful as vintage styles. To design your diamond ring with vintage settings, understand about the favorite vintage style of your lady love. Note that the diamond ring styles during Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, and Art Deco periods have their unique charm and appeal.

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