Top Diamond ring brands in the world

Top Diamond ring brands in the world

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Diamond Ring Brands

Owning diamonds from the best brands in the world are a sign of prestige and class. Some of the top brands in the diamond industry are well known for their elite class of diamonds. The precision in the making and unwavering trust in the product quality are top reasons why such brands survive in this competitive markets. While wealthy customers demand diamond jewelry to showcase their wealth, many available diamond brands make use of this advantage. Becoming exclusive diamond brands raises their values and customize your own engagement ring also makes them attractive to wealthy buyers. Let’s take a look at the top names in diamond.

Harry Winston

Being one of the top brands says a lot about your expertise. Harry Winston meets the evaluating criteria diamonds that is 4Cs. – carat weight, color, cut, and clarity. The 4Cs quantify the stone’s quality by using the charts and scales that meet the standards for all gemstones.

Each diamond produced by the company is unique and no two products are identical. The company produces attractive diamond jewelry that praises the natural beauty of the diamond. The Harry Winston diamond is purchased for its uncompromisable quality and character. It is completely free from any visible inclusions.


If we have to name a celebrity brand it is this. Cartier is a famous diamond brand, headquartered in Paris, France. They designs, manufactures and sells diamond products. Apart from diamond they also produce watches and other jewels. This brand is global and provides great after service care that meets the customers’ needs. As they are popular across the globe, Cartier is one of the top diamond brands in the world.

Tiffany and Co.

If you watch a lot of romantic Hollywood movies where the hero gifts his lover the most beautiful necklace, it is mostly this brand. A top diamond brand, Tiffany, and Co. is an American luxury company that is headquartered in New York. The company was established during the year 1837. Apart from jewelry, the company also produces other jewels, accessories, and leather products.

This brand is popular for its luxury goods and is especially known for its diamond jewelry. The company is internationally acclaimed and has a strong distribution network. The company has their own Tiffany stores and their products are available online as well.


If you are looking to buy a diamond ring for your fiancée, this brand is uncompromisable. An Italian collection of jewelry, Bvlgari was established during the year 1884 and is headquartered in Rome, Italy. It is popular for its products like jewelers, fragrances, watches, leather goods, and accessories. The various products of the brand are of great innovative designs that are mixed with large and weighty gold links.

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