Tips to Design the Perfect Diamond Ring for your Man

Tips to Design the Perfect Diamond Ring for your Man

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Diamond engagement rings were formerly associated with women. In fact, it was a traditional custom to propose to the woman you love with a sparkling diamond engagement ring. The tradition is very much popular in the present as well. However, women also started gifting diamond engagement rings to their better halves these days. Hence, you can see stunning engagement rings for men as well in the jewelry stores.

Did your man excel in choosing the perfect sparkler for you? Then, it is your turn now. Make sure to build a diamond ring that will sweep him off his feet on the very first sight. Note that if you lead a busy lifestyle and find it challenging to spare time to build a diamond ring, you can consider a readymade one that suits the style and personality of your significant other.

You are likely to be amazed by the wide range of diamond shapes, metal choice, band setting options, colors, etc. available for men. This pool of options may sometimes make it challenging for you to choose the right option as well. In order to help you out with this, some of the helpful tips for designing a diamond ring for your male partner are given below. Note that it is better to choose something depending on his personality so that he can proudly flaunt it even if the design goes out of vogue.

The Romantic

Are you wondering whether or not your guy is romantic? Well, does he gift you beautiful roses at least once in every month? Does he love leaving short and sweet notes for you? Does he call you soul mate or address you with some cute pet names? Then, your guy is extremely romantic and make sure that the ring that you choose for him reflects this at the best. Additionally, such men tend to give incredible significance to their diamond engagement rings and are likely to flaunt it for the rest of their life like women.

It is recommended to craft a spectacular diamond ring using gold, platinum, or silver for such people. On a related note, all these are sturdy metal choices and tend to add more charm to a ring when compared to tungsten, titanium, steel, etc. Once you are done with the metal type, you have to decide on the right style for the ring.

Of course, you are likely to find a range of styles that suits the personality of a man like yours. However, a D-shape or a court shape ring with a thinner band will look stunning on the ring finger of your enchanting man. Both these designs feature rounded edges at the outer side. This will give a romantic appeal to the ring.

Finally, choose a scintillating gem to set at the center of the engagement band. Make sure not to go overboard in this case since most men like to keep it low key. So, you can go for a bezel-set solitaire and also engrave something lovey-dovey on the inner band. The key is to keep it simple and elegant.

The Adventurer

Does your man love to indulge in adventurous activities such as parasailing, bungee jumping, surfing in the Pacific, kayaking down dangerous rapids, etc.? Then, your better half is definitely an adrenaline junkie. With this one, you have to think out of the box to find something that complements their personality. Unlike the former option, it will not be a great option to choose a metal band for your adventurous guy even if it made of hard metal like tungsten. You must focus on designing something that fits perfectly with his daring lifestyle.

In other words, the engagement ring for your suitor ought to be accommodating, comfortable, durable, and flexible in this case. So, as you narrow down your search keeping all these points in mind, the final option will be a silicone band. In fact, silicone bands for men are gaining immense popularity these days. While it offers a masculine and casual appeal to men, it is extremely cheap and lightweight. This is a nice option if your guy tends to damage or lose things often. Additionally, these rings are not only designed in a way to complement the active lifestyle of people but also to protect their fingers through all their wild journeys.

The Tough Guy

There is no special way to define your tough guy. You can simply put it as the exact opposite of a romantic person. Definitely, a rounded narrow ring will not go with the personality and style of your macho man. You will have to pick something way sturdier and masculine for your suitor in this case.

Needless to mention, the best options that you may consider here include materials such as steel, titanium, and tungsten. Plus, consider something wider and thicker as you design your ring to complement his unyielding style. Even though all the options mentioned above are perfect to suit the macho appeal of your man, a tungsten band will be the most suitable option. Note that it tends to go with any ring design irrespective of its shape, color, setting, etc.

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