Things to Consider While Buying an Engagement Ring

Things to Consider While Buying an Engagement Ring

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Design Own Diamond Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a truly romantic act. However, there are many practical considerations, which go along with the selection process. Whether you are really romantic or a diehard pragmatist, buying an engagement ring will obviously take you out of your comfort zone.

Buying an engagement ring involves pure emotion as well as practicality. In the process, you are selecting a symbol of commitment and love for the woman who has changed your life, and at the same time, you are spending much money on something that you do not understand really. Over all that, the diamond you select should last forever. Worry not, the practical considerations shared below can help you find a good engagement ring.

Consider Her Lifestyle

You need to keep in mind that the diamond ring that you choose will be on her hand for a very long period of time, if not the rest of her life. Most women do not like the idea of removing the engagement ring, be it when indulging in sports or work. Therefore, you will need to take into account how the ring will fit into her daily activities. For instance, you can consider the following scenarios.

  • Does she work in a place where she needs to take care of other people (as a nurse, teacher, or physiotherapist)? Or does she work a lot with her hands (as a landscaper, chef, or welder)? If so, you will need to find out a ring that does not have elevated diamonds.
  • Does she like to get her hands dirty? Is she interested in things like gardening, cooking, or painting? If so, you can go for a solitaire in prong setting, as it will be easy to clean.

Consider Her Personal Style

You will also need to take into account her personal style. What does she like to wear to social gatherings, to work, or while hanging out? Observe the colors, fabrics, and patterns that she likes to wear, the type of shoes that she likes, and the jewelry she wears. Your fiancée will obviously have a style that she prefers often. You might also ask her friends and family to know her style preferences and interests.

Consider your Budget

If you have not yet researched on diamond engagement rings before, you need to be prepared for a surprise, as the cost of the ring will be much more than what you are expecting. Fortunately, you will be able to find a diamond engagement ring that falls in your budget with a little research.

Finding the right ring involves prioritizing various factors. The first thing is to determine how much you can spend without going broke. Keep in mind that if you plan to finance the diamond engagement ring purchase, you will have to live with the expenditure for a long time and even after you are married. This can also be the first big debt of married life; therefore, take care not to put your finances at risk with the purchase of the engagement ring.

Consider Having it Insured

Buying an engagement ring is always a substantial investment, which will last for long. You will never buy a car without insurance or warranty, and you should never buy a diamond engagement ring without protection either. Especially for things like diamond that are small and valuable, you will have to take into account possible loss, like damage, theft, or strange disappearances. This is why, it is important to buy a diamond ring from a seller, who provides warranty. In addition, make sure that the cost of insurance is wrapped in your budget.

Consider Her Ring Size

This might seem like a very small detail. However, it can be a big deal when it comes to buying diamond engagement rings. Depending on the type of engagement ring design that you choose, it can be really difficult to resize the ring later. In addition, it can be disappointing to have to send the engagement ring back to the jeweler to resize it after the proposal.

One good idea to find her ring size without her knowing is to borrow a ring that she often wears on her ring finger and use it to find the ring size. You can also push the reference ring to a piece of clay to have more correct measurements.

If she does not wear any ring on her left hand ring finger, you can measure her finger size with a piece of string while she is in deep sleep. Another idea is to ask one of her friends to show off her ring casually, encouraging your fiancée to try the ring and find how it fits. Whatever the way that you choose to find her ring size is, make sure not to spoil the surprise.

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