The Best Engraving Ideas for your Wedding Ring

The Best Engraving Ideas for your Wedding Ring

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Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Rings have been an important element of marriage for more than 6,000 years now. The meanings of the metal used for creating engagement and wedding rings could be traced even back to the period of the Middle Ages. Just as the ring exchange concept is long established, the idea of creating engravings in the ring is also a traditional idea. Engraving is not only a wonderful way of customizing your ring but also it would prove to increase the security of your ring. For instance, it would be easier to find if you ever misplaced your ring or if at all it gets stolen.

The most perfect line to engrave on a ring purely depends on each person. Another thing to note is that the character count of the ring would vary depending on its size and style of the ring. Below are some awesome ideas to design your own ring engravings. Yet as all couples have their own interests when it comes to their ring engravings, the final decision is yours, always.

Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan, you may like to give a touch of fantasy to your wedding ring. The engravings saying “To Rule Them All” and “One Ring” would be the perfect one to show that your love is eternal. You could also use “I Know” and “I Love You” for your ring.

Song Ideas

If you are more of a music fan, you could use the lyrics from your favorite song or the song from your first dance. It would also be a good idea to use song titles like “Lovestoned” by Justin Timberlake or any other similar titles.

Adventure-Friendly Ideas

All outdoor enthusiasts would love the inscriptions like “You’ll Never Wander Alone” or “Adventure Together” on their ring.

Special Date

It would also be a good idea to engrave special dates to your ring such as your anniversary date; engraving anniversary date comes along with a bonus that you would never forget that important day of your life.

Favorite Bible Verse

Religious couples use verses from the Bible on their ring. Some of the common verses used by them are “Love is Patient, Love is Kind” from I Corinthians 13:4-8, “No Longer Two, But One Flesh” and “What God Has Joined Together, Let No One Separate” from Matthew 19:6, and “Love Each Other As I Have Loved You” from John 15:12.

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