Rose Cut Diamond: Is It The Right Cut For An Engagement Ring?

Rose Cut Diamond: Is It The Right Cut For An Engagement Ring?

Rose Cut Diamond Rong
Rose Cut Diamond Rong

The facets of a rose cut diamond stands different from the other popular cuts of diamond such as the princess and oval cut diamonds- both of these are forms of antique diamond cuts. Rose cut diamond is also an antique cut diamond, that is named after the rose flower, for its striking resemblance.

The rose cut diamond has a flat base, with a crown that is formed from a faceted dome. The rose cut diamond can have anywhere from 3-24 facets, each creating a different variation of the existing shape. The rose cut diamond is one of the first choices of many when it comes to engagement rings.

The Brief History Of The Rose Cut Diamond

The antique rose cut diamond shot to popularity at the beginning of the sixteenth century and held it until the 20th century. As the cutting techniques of diamonds started to get better, and sophisticated, the patterns and brilliant shapes that could be cut became increasingly more. Cushion cuts started to become revived as the vintage feel made it look distinctively apart from the rest of the crowd.

What Makes A Rose Cut Diamonds Different?

Antique rose cut diamond rings are popular but not as much as the other cuts. It has around 24 cuts compared to the 58 cuts that are present in a round brilliant cut diamond.

Rose cut diamond ring are beautiful in different colors and is perfect to display many colors with the same level of beauty. However, one flaw of the stone could be that the rose cut can enhance the flaw or imperfections that exist within the diamond. To avoid this, buyers such as yourself should look out for higher clarity, excellent cut grade rose cut diamonds.

Based on the grade of the color and clarity, the cost per carat of a rose cut diamond can be lower than that of another cut. Vintage rose cuts are expensive than newly cuts and re-create an aura of elegance and timeless beauty. Rose cut diamond rings are unique and do a brilliant job at being the centerpiece of the engagement ring.

Before you jump into this particular cut, make sure to search out a reputable diamond ring seller. If you are still on the fence on what cut to get, then ask for the advice of the in-store gemmologist.

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