Recycled Diamonds and Their Specialties

Recycled Diamonds and Their Specialties

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Recycled Diamond Tips

Recycled diamonds are those which were used earlier and came back to use through the diamond supply chain. They are also known as reclaimed diamond. The most commonly found recycled diamonds are antique diamonds, or modern cuts. These are repolished and recut before being put to use again. Below is a discussion on the recycled diamonds which you can consider before you design your own ring.


Sometimes, a recycled diamond may have been initially cut back in the 1970s. It could be cut recently to meet the latest needs, but there are no clear ways to find out if the diamond is recycled if it is not specifically labeled.

It is possible to find recycled diamonds belonging to every carat weight. Note that they should weigh more than 0.30 Carat to receive a new certificate. They receive AGS and GIA certifications similar to the diamonds which are fresh to the market. It is advisable to buy only diamonds with a GIA or AGS certification.

The Benefits of Recycled Diamonds

The diamond industry has been trying to reduce their environmental and social impact in all ways possible. Recycled diamonds are a great way to minimize environmental impact and be eco-friendly.

Extraction of diamonds from the insides of the Earth comes at a huge cost. Large quantities of soil have to be removed. Besides, harm to the air, soil, and water is inevitable as the mining progresses. This, in turn, affects the local communities in different ways. There could be leakage of harmful chemicals which could seriously affect their health. Meanwhile, recycled diamonds prevent any of these effects. To be precise, they leave zero impact on the environment and society. They could be ideally called sustainable diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds

There are many people who think that lab-created diamonds are a great eco-friendly substitute for diamonds. However, it is recommended not to choose them. This is because they carry very little resale value. Besides, the market for lab-created diamonds has seen a decrease in demand recently.

Choosing a Recycled Diamond

Choosing the right recycled diamond is similar to selecting a newly cut diamond. There are several qualities you have to look for in the diamond such as cut, clarity, color, and carat. Make sure you pick the stone that offers the best value along with beauty among the recycled diamonds.

Recycled diamonds are excellent alternatives for newly cut diamonds when it comes to reducing the environmental impact. Make sure you consider the above actors before choosing them.

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