Recommendation for Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

Recommendation for Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

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The costs of cushion cut diamonds are around 25 to 50% lower compared to round brilliant diamonds. Meanwhile, costs have been increasing because of the enhanced popularity of the cut. Below is a discussion on some tips to help you improve your choice of cushion cut diamonds when you customize your own engagement ring.

The Popularity of Cushion Diamonds

In the initial years of its introduction, the cushion cut was the most loved diamond shape. They are similar to the round diamonds nowadays.

Cushion cut stones are the second most loved diamond shape behind the round cut. They are mostly utilized in jewel engagement rings alongside halo settings. In view of how well they hold dynamic colors, this shape is the most popular and loved one for fancy colored diamonds.

Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

The principles for cushion cut diamonds fluctuate more than most shapes. Likewise, with all diamonds, individual taste ought to be your central factor regardless of anything else.

Proportion Affects Appearance

The classic cushion cut diamond may be a square. However, you may also find rectangular pad cut jewels with a bigger length-to-width proportion.

For the ideal length-to-width proportion of a square cushion, it is suggested to get a precious stone somewhere in the range of 1.00 and 1.09 length-to-width ratio. For an increasingly rectangular pad, choose a diamond somewhere in the range of 1.15 and 1.5 length-to-width ratio. The most mainstream shape is a gentle rectangle with a length-to-width ratio between 1.10 – 1.20.


It is suggested to get a color grade of H or higher.


For the best results, choose SI1 clarity grade or higher levels. Cushion cuts are characterized by a huge open table. This makes it difficult to spot an eye-clean SI2 diamond.


Measurements differ starting with one-carat weight then onto the next. Concentrate on finding a precious stone with the correct estimations (length x width) inside the carat weight limit you want.

A Good Quality Cushion Cut Diamond

The best class cushion cut diamonds are those that have a cut evaluation of Very Good and an optimal length to width ratio. Alongside the cut evaluation, give more importance to symmetry and polish which are both Excellent. These two attributes will help expand the faceting shimmer of a Very Good cut stone. For the ideal depth of a cushion-cut stone, try to stay close to a depth percentage below 70% and a table percentage lower than 70%.

Make sure you bear the above factors in your mind as you go about in search of cushion cut diamonds.

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