Reasons to Avoid Halo Diamond Ring Designs

Reasons to Avoid Halo Diamond Ring Designs

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The halo diamond ring setting is one of the most popular options and you can hardly find a person who can resist its ultimate charm. In this setting, the center stone of a ring will be surrounded by a layer of tiny diamonds. This will boost up the overall size as well as the bling quotient of the ring. This, in fact, is the main reason behind the popularity of halo diamond rings. However, if you are planning to design your diamond ring with the halo setting, there are certain points that you must be aware of.

  • Halo diamond ring setting is the most popular option now. If you are planning to build your diamond ring using halo just because of this, mind that there are chances for your halo ring to go outdated over time.
  • Even though halo rings offer captivating bling, it requires great patience and expense to maintain the appeal of halo diamond rings. That is, you will have to clean each and every gemstone in your ring. Note that there will be around 50 tiny diamonds in a decent diamond sparkler and hence, you will have to take care of 200 tiny prongs. Needless to say, this will be a hectic process.
  • The wear tissues are common with the prong setting. When it comes to halo setting, it will be really hard for you to find the damaged prongs and hence, your tiny diamonds may fall out of its setting over time. This will surely ruin the overall appeal of your diamond ring.
  • When you buy a halo diamond ring, you will have to pay for all those tiny diamonds as well as the labor charge to set them on your ring. However, this will not be the case when you plan to trade or sell your halo diamond ring since these tiny diamonds don’t add much to the overall price of your ring.
  • When you look at a halo diamond ring, you will be blinded with its captivating bling. However, some jewelers use this fact to distract the attention of diamond buyers from the poor quality center stone in the ring. Plus, it will be hard for a buyer to spot the manufacturing defects that are common in complex diamond ring designs
  • As mentioned earlier, there will be around 200 prongs in a single halo diamond ring. Hence, the probability of them snagging on your clothes and other fabrics will be high. Besides, exposed prongs are likely to scratch on your skin. Hence, you will have to take your ring off frequently to avoid this making it vulnerable to loss or theft.

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