Pros And Cons Of Custom Made Engagement Rings

An engagement ring symbolizes the promise of marriage. So the engagement ring should be beautiful, elegant and a unique representation of your relationship. Looking for an engagement ring that matches these qualities is a hard task. You may not find a ring that satisfies you in any of the shops. If you can’t find the right engagement ring, then you can create your own engagement ring.  Custom made engagement rings are the new trend.

Many sources are showing that about 45 % of all the engagement rings that are sold today have some custom aspects. In this article we will discuss about the pros and cons of custom made engagement rings.

Pros Of Custom Made Engagement Rings

Freedom To Create Something Unique

Most of the rings you look for at the retail store might not match your taste. Even if you find beautiful diamond rings, you might feel that it is not a perfect ring for your fiancé. Many men are looking for a custom jeweler because they need unlimited freedom to create a completely unique diamond ring that captures the personality and values of their fiancé. When you work with a professional jewelry designer, you have the freedom to choose the shape and color of the diamond and also the metal color of the ring.

Can Be Certain Of The Quality

When you look for a diamond engagement ring in a retail store, it is possible that you will find a ring that suits all your requirements. But the problem is that you cannot be sure about the quality of that ring. It is possible that the ring might be made with low quality materials. If you are looking to build your own diamond ring, you can be certain of the quality of the ring. You can make your own engagement ring with top quality materials. You need to work with a professional jewelry designer to ensure that the engagement ring you are designing is of top quality.

You Can Design Something Unique With Your Inspiration

One of the major advantages of designing your own engagement ring is that you and your fiancé can talk about the details that you like in the other engagement rings and share it with a custom jeweler. The jeweler will get an idea about how you want your engagement ring and he can start working on it. You can also browse different websites and look at various designs that can be used for your building your own engagement ring. You can look at social media feed of popular celebrities for inspiration. If you cannot point out every detail that need to be in your custom made ring, you can show the images of the diamond to the jewelry designer.

Advantages Disadvantages
Creative freedom Expensive
Assured quality Cannot return
Shows commitment Time consuming

Cons Of Custom Made Engagement Rings

Custom Made Rings Are Very Expensive

Designing your own engagement ring can cost you more than buying an engagement ring from a retail store. For most of the couples money is not an issue. Therefore, they try to combine a lot of intricate features like rare and colored gemstones, gold or platinum ring, intriguing diamond shapes, etc. Many couples do not have enough money for custom made engagement rings. So they will go for a less expensive engagement ring. if you choose to buy a diamond from the store, your hard earned money can be saved for other things like wedding expenses, down payment for house or paying off student loans.

You Cannot Return A Custom Made Ring

One of the main disadvantages of custom made engagement ring is that you cannot return it. You might return the ring mostly because the proposal doesn’t work out as planned, the engagement is called off, or if your fiancé doesn’t like the ring. a custom made ring is made especially for one person. It is created according to the priorities of that person. Such rings cannot be resold to another customer because the priorities and tastes will be different for each individual. if you are engaged and your fiancé doesn’t like the stone, it is possible to remove the current stone and add a new stone that she likes.

Choosing A Jewelry Designer Can Be Time Consuming

It might not be a huge disadvantage, but finding a professional jewelry designer who can create the perfect engagement ring takes a lot of time. You need to do a thorough online and offline research for finding an experienced jewelry designer. You need to sit with the jewelry designer for discussing how you want your engagement to be made. These discussions may take longer time than you expect. If you have enough time, then customizing your engagement ring is a good option. But for couples who are in a hurry to get engaged, a premade engagement ring at a jewelry store is the best option.

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