Modernizing Your Traditional Engagement Ring

Modernizing Your Traditional Engagement Ring

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Tradition always has its place in everyone’s life. However, there can be times when changes seem to be necessary. Similar is the case with engagement rings. Traditional engagement rings are a real treasure, which will have many stories to tell. Solitaire diamond rings have been around for a very long time now. They are still loved by people and have never gone out of the ring industry. Nevertheless, if you are a person who loves to have some modern touch to your traditional engagement ring, it is possible in several ways.

Here are three important ways in which you can modernize your traditional engagement ring. This can be useful to you even if you are planning to build your own engagement ring.

Use Rose Gold

This is one of the biggest trends in the diamond and ring industry in the past decade. Previously, yellow gold was the only available option. However, since the use of rose gold started, it has become a fashion and style, which is longed after by many brides and other women. The rose gold is of great advantage when compared to other similar metals. Though there are platinum made rings with a very shiny and modern look, people prefer to have the rose gold metal on their rings. It is of great elegance and timeless appeal.

The rose gold is used also with the vintage style of rings, which makes it more desirable. Moreover, the greatest advantage of rose gold is that it perfectly suits all skin tones. It is something that will be apt for women of any skin color. Another astounding fact is that it can complement both diamonds and other gemstones.

Add A Halo

Adding a halo to your center diamond can increase the beauty of your ring largely. The smaller diamonds around the center stone will work excellently in increasing the sparkle of the stone. It also can make your center stone the center of attraction. If you prefer to have an ultra-modern look for your ring, consider having a halo of colored gemstones around the centerpiece. On the other hand, if you want a design more close to the traditional one, have a pave of small diamonds around the stone, which will be barely noticeable.

Stack Rings

This is another great idea to modernize your engagement ring. You can stack one or two rings along with your ring to have a more subtle look. This has become very popular after the boho brides started using stacked rings. The advantage of stacking rings is that you can go back to the original look of the ring whenever you want to.

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