How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake

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While you purchase a diamond it is very important to know if you are buying a true diamond or not. So many fake diamonds are available in the market and there is a high chance for you to be deceived while making a purchase. This will be much more significant if you are buying loose diamonds in the process to create your own diamond ring. This guide can also help you to verify if the diamonds you already have are genuine or not. There are professional ways to check the genuineness of a diamond. However, there are also simple ways by which you can test the authenticity of your diamond at home.

Here are some of the ways you can try at home to test the genuineness of your diamond.

Water Test

This is a test that uses the density principle. You need to put the stone in a glass filled three-fourth portion with water. If the stone sinks to the bottom of the glass, it is a genuine diamond. If the stone float at the surface or little lower in the water, it is a fake diamond. True diamonds have a higher density than water and hence will sink in water.

Heat Test

This test can be performed by putting a heated diamond in a glass containing cold water. If the diamond were a genuine one, the action would not cause any reaction. On the other hand, if the stone is a fake one, it will shatter into pieces inside the water. The quality and strength of the stone are tested here. Since an original diamond is the hardest metal on earth, it will be resistant to the heat tests.

Fog Test

It is a simple test, which can be done by blowing some air on the diamond. The moisture and heat in your breath will create a fog on the stone. Wait to see if the fog disappears immediately. If it happens, you may say that it is a true diamond. On the contrary, if it takes some seconds for the fog to dissolve, there is a chance for the stone to be a fake one.

UV Light Test

In this test, you need to keep the stone under UV light and wait to see the reaction. Most of the diamonds will exhibit a blue glow. If not, the stone may or may not be a fake one. You will have to seek the help of an expert to conclude on the matter.

It will be good on your part to test the diamond you have, for its genuineness using these simple ways.

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