How To Select A Wedding Ring That Suits Your Finger?

How To Select A Wedding Ring That Suits Your Finger?

Design Your Own Ring
Design Your Own Ring

We humans come in different sizes and colors. So naturally what suits you, might not suit others. You can find a “guide to choosehaircuts depending on face shape”, “best color that suits you based on your skin tone” and several other guides to select the type that matches you the most. Similarly, there will be a particular type of ring that will add glamour to your fingers. What you should do is to keep that in mind while shopping. There is a short cut too. This is a guide to buy the best wedding ring after he popped the question! Follow this guide and you can save hours of effort screening different rings. I promise it will be fun and most of all, worth your time!

The equation for your perfect ring= Finger length * width + shape of ring + best style 

While selecting the ring, keep in mind the length and width of your finger and hand against a few characteristics of the ring like

  • the shape and size of the center stone
  • the width and style of the ring

The length of the finger will include the length of the nail. If not you will have to consider it separately. The appearance of the nail- manicured and maintained or short and cut- also matters. A long nail makes a finger look long.

Your personal style is as important as these factors. You should go ahead with buying what your heart wants even if it does not compliment your personality like the others.

Long Fingers

All types of rings will suit long, thin fingers. But keep your eyes out for princess cut and round stone with wide bands as they tend to look good on long fingers. Also, you can carry a bold style like it is meant to be.

Slender Fingers

To make your thin fingers look wide, wear smaller stones and thicker bands.

Short Fingers

It is a nightmare to have short fingers. You can make your fingers look long by adorning oval, pear or marquise stones. Rectangular emerald shaped stones can lengthen short fingers but see to it that it is not too big. Rings with slender or narrow width bands will give your fingers a long look.

Wide Fingers

It is not difficult to make your wide fingers look long. The advantage of having wide fingers is that you can try different, novel designs that make a statement. Try wide oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shaped stones. Select a thick to medium band. You can experiment with asymmetric designs and angular shapes that will catch attention.

Also, you can design your own ring. Hire the best jewelry maker and create your own diamond ring that suits and compliments your style. Happy ring shopping!

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