How to Keep Your Diamond Ring Sparkling?

How to Keep Your Diamond Ring Sparkling?

Design Your Own Ring
Diamond Ring Tips

Diamond is one of the most stunning and elegant natural substance on earth. It is adored for its brilliance and shine. This feature makes diamonds desirable for engagement rings and wedding bands. Diamonds will make your engagement rings beautifully with its sparkle and fire.

If you want to add more beauty for your diamond, you can design your own ring that will bring out the maximum shine of your stone, or you can go for a diamond ring that is already mounted. If you choose to customize your own engagement ring, make sure the design complements the shape of your diamond along with matching your personality and style.

Even though diamonds exhibit spectacular brilliance and sparkle, this can get diminished by the presence of dirt or oil on the surface of your ring. Hence, it is necessary to keep your ring clean for it to shine always. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your rings clean thereby enhancing the sparkle and beauty of your diamond.

Clean Your Diamonds Regularly

It is easy for oil or dirt to cling to the surface of a diamond. Hence, the stone should be cleaned regularly. The easy way to clean a diamond ring is by soaking it in a mixture prepared by mixing mild dish soap in water. It will remove the dirt and oil to a great extent. After this, use a gentle toothbrush to remove the remaining dirt if any. The toothbrush you use should be new and must be used only for this purpose.

Handle The Ring Gently

Handle the ring with great care, especially if it is old. Otherwise, you may break the metal or scratch the diamond. Therefore, do not scrub vigorously with your toothbrush. Scrub gently and then rinse it with water. Use a soft lint-free cloth to drain the water.

Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals Or Solutions

Strictly avoid the use of strong chemicals and solutions as this may harm your metal. Do not use chlorine, bleach and other such strong cleaners for cleaning your diamond ring.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Should Be Used With Caution

On some occasions, you might need the help of ultrasonic cleaners for removing encrusted dirt. In an ultrasonic cleaner, low-frequency sound waves are passed through a solution, and this vibrating fluid will be used to remove the dirt and grime that is accumulated on the stone’s surface.

A major issue associated with using ultrasonic cleaners is that they may separate a loose stone from its mounting. It can also damage the girdles of diamonds that are set close to each other. Hence be cautious when you use ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning your diamond ring.

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