How to Have an Engagement Ring Custom Designed Like Prince Harry Did

How to Have an Engagement Ring Custom Designed Like Prince Harry Did

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Prince Harry himself helped design his fiancée Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. If you are also planning to design your diamond ring for your beloved, there are some essential things to bear in mind.

It is a very romantic and thoughtful idea to have your fiancée’s ring custom made, so even when you get its design wrong, she is sure to appreciate your effort. Worry not; this guide will help you ensure that does not happen.

Comfort is Key

It is easy to be caught up in the way her engagement ring will appear, but consider how the piece will feel when your fiancée wears it. The ring is something that will expectedly be on her left-hand finger for life, so it has to be comfortable to wear. Do not worry – jewelers will help get this right provided you assist them in the process. For that, you need to go in with sufficient information which will help your jeweler. Does your fiancée work with hands quite a lot? Large gems or certain settings are not suitable for active people. Does she not like the feeling of rocking rings on the left hand? A lightweight precious metal will perhaps counteract that. In addition, get to know her finger ring size to ensure that it fits perfectly.

Think Timeless

Another extremely important thing to think about is the durability of her unique engagement ring. Consider how one will keep it in a tip-top state over time. A white gold engagement ring may have to be dipped in palladium or rhodium once every few years, plus any delicate elements (such as claws or intricate setting) may have to be checked and replaced once in a while.

If she will be wearing her engagement ring always, you will want a design which can withstand everyday wear and tear. Do not choose a style that is heavily on-trend. Because fashion trends change fast, what seems like an entirely in-vogue ring today may look very dated in a few years. So have a balance of classic and contemporary features, and you are onto a winner. Consider how her tastes may also change over time.

Prepare to Fork Out Extra

Custom engagement rings do not come cheap. It obviously depends on the materials, the individual design, and the jeweler you choose for this purpose. However, regardless of the circumstances, custom engagement rings still need hours of additional work, from sketching the design to sourcing your gems to creating the piece. This is not to say that you cannot find a good deal or do some work yourself – many brides get their own diamonds from online portals before getting in touch with a jeweler. Still, if you choose to go down the custom route, you have to have a considerable budget.

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