How to Design your Own Diamond Ring

How to Design your Own Diamond Ring

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Engagement rings are special as they represent one of the most important occasions of your life. Thus, it should carry your identity and be unique. The best way to do this is by designing a diamond engagement ring yourself. Below are a few steps to design your own diamond ring.

Be Selective With the Vendor

Diamonds are sourced by thousands of vendors but you cannot be sure which one sells authentic pieces. Hence, it is important to do your research and find out the best diamond seller. This way, you can be sure of your transaction as well as trust the quality of the diamond.

Select the Center Stone First

The most important component of any engagement ring is the center stone. Once this is selected, you can proceed with the remaining parts of your ring. When it is about the center stone, you need to consider the 4 C’s of the diamond carefully.

A diamond’s value and subsequently its price is determined by how heavy it is. This is where the carat value comes into play. At the same time, clarity determines if the diamond has flaws or blemishes in them. If your diamond engagement ring does not have any that are visible to the naked eyes, you can go for it without any doubts.

The cut is extremely important as it determines the intricacies of the diamond’s dimensions. A well-cut diamond displays high sparkle and brilliance. When it comes to color, remember that diamonds are graded on the degree of colorlessness of the stone. Out of the grades from D to Z, you can select up to H and save some money on your diamond engagement ring purchase.

Pick a Setting

Once you have finalized your center stone, you need to decide which setting to put it in. The setting gives your stone the necessary highlighting and also the essential protection. You can decide if you want to go with a single stone or add another stone to your ring; there are several options available in that too.

Choose the Metal

The metal choice is of high importance for your ring as well. There are several durable metals like platinum and yellow gold, which are the best choices to design your own diamond ring today. However, you can also go for white gold or palladium when on a tight budget.

Finalize the Size

The final step is finding out the suitable size of your diamond ring so that it fits perfectly on the finger. You can get the help of a jeweler here to make sure that you get the right measurement.

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