Five Interesting Facts About Tequila

Many individuals drink tequila, but not everyone knows much about it. Here is a list of tequila facts you must know if you are an alcohol enthusiast. By reading this and knowing these pieces of tequila information, you will have some fun the next time you drink it with friends.

It Has To Be Produced With Pure Blue Agave

For a drink to be called tequila, it must be made using the pure blue agave plant. If it is not 100% pure, then it would be termed ‘Mixto tequila’. In the event you are served a tequila product with some amount of salt and lime, then it would possibly be the ‘Mixto’ type.

It Comes In Different Types

There are many different forms of tequila, as explained below.

Blanco. Bartenders consider it the purest form of tequila. It is bottled in 60 days from distillation. This tequila is not aged in wooden barrels.

Reposado. It is aged 2 to 12 months in wooden barrel-type containers.

Añejo. It is a type of product aged 12 to 36 months in tiny oak barrels.

Joven. It is an unmatured tequila variety. It is a blend of the first two forms of the drink.

Extra Anejo. It is matured 3 to 5 years in woode barrels.

There Is A Day Dedicated To It

July 24 is the ‘National Tequila Day’ in the United States of America. Many people celebrate it by consuming the Mexico-made drink with their loved ones, and they even post pictures on social networking websites. So you may also drink it on July 24, photograph the moment, and Tweet the picture with a special hashtag that commemorates the occasion.

There Is Even An Award For It

Every year, the so-called ‘World Tequila Awards’ ceremony names the finest tequila products in the globe. The awards are given to tequilas of different kinds, like the ones mentioned above. The 2020 edition of the  ‘World Tequila Awards’ happened virtually, a change from the usual London-based ceremony.

Tequila’s Color Does Not Guarantee Its Quality

The product gets its color from either the natural aging process in barrels or the use of added ingredients. An aged white tequila’s taste is better as compared to a young one, colored using artificial ingredients. So keep this in mind the next time you buy Tequila.

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