Everything You Need To Know About Low Profile Diamond Engagement Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Low Profile Diamond Engagement Rings

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Are you planning to purchase a spellbinding diamond engagement ring? Then, the main factor that you are likely to consider will be its beauty as well as the appeal on your fingers. Even though these are important considerations, it must not be the sole factor that you should consider when you design your diamond ring. Rather, you must give prominence to your lifestyle as well. As per Rockher, it is the main factor to take into account.

Note that even if you love the style of a huge and sparkling solitaire halo diamond ring, it will not be a suitable choice for you if you lead an active lifestyle or are into a hands-on profession. In simple words, choosing a trending diamond ring design is not necessarily the best choice for you. Rather, build a diamond ring that works with your lifestyle. Needless to mention, low-profile diamond rings will be the best choice that a busy person may consider to address this issue. Below are some in-depth details regarding such diamond rings as well as their style and function.

Everything you Need to Know about Low Profile Diamond Engagement Rings

Low profile or low set engagement rings are designed in a way to sit flush with the finger including the main gemstone. Hence, it got the name. Furthermore, the diamonds must feature a girdle or a line that separates its crown from its pavilion in this case to accommodate the lower profile. Note that the crown and pavilion are the top and bottom parts of a diamond respectively. If a diamond boasts a longer girdle, it is designed to accommodate a higher profile setting.

As mentioned earlier, low profile rings are designed to sit close to your finger. Hence, the raised settings such as Cathedral, prongs, etc., will not be a good option to consider. On the other hand, the bezel setting in which the gemstone is secured well by encasing it in a metal frame is a popular choice for low profile diamond rings. The main upside of this setting is that it is snag-free, unlike the former options. Needless to mention, this is an important quality to consider as far as the people who lead an active lifestyle are concerned.

Who Should Choose Low Profile Diamond Engagement Rings?

While high profile diamond rings are ideal for the people who lead a relaxed lifestyle, anyone who gives priority to the comfort fit of their sparklers can go for low profile diamond ring settings. The latter will be extremely suitable for the buyers who have a habit of putting the hands in their pockets frequently or love to put on knit sweaters. It is to be noted that there is certain kind of professions and lifestyles that makes low profile diamond rings one of the best and rocking choices.

For instance, if you are into the medical profession and you prefer to put your bling on while working, a low profile diamond ring design will be a suitable choice. In case you wear a high profile diamond ring that boasts prongs and open setting, it is likely to pop your gloves and hurt your patients. If you are employed in a clinical laboratory, the chances for your gleaming bauble to come in contact with different types of chemicals are high. If struck hard against any machines or tools, your valuable gemstones are likely to break as well.

Furthermore, do you love indulging in activities such as yoga, CrossFit, kickboxing, etc.? If you own a high profile ring, it is not a practical choice to wear it while working out. Hence, people tend to take it off and stash it somewhere when they hit the gym. In this case, they are likely to forget their sparklers. You can easily address this issue by choosing a low profile diamond engagement ring.

Are There Enough Design Choices for Low Profile Diamond Engagement Rings?

Some people have a misconception that the designing possibilities of low profile diamond rings are relatively low. On the contrary, the designs for such flush-set diamond rings are almost infinite. Some of the popular options that you may consider in this case include flowing halo diamond rings, low-set solitaire rings, plain shank halo diamond rings, tapered Cathedral diamond rings, etc.

The Price Considerations

Unlike most people think, the price of a diamond ring will not be low just because it features a low profile setting. Rather, the factors such as the 4C’s of diamonds, metal works, the complexity of the settings, the number of accent stones, etc., will determine its price.

Tips to Pick the Right Low Setting Diamond Engagement for your Better Half

Ask your sweetie about her diamond engagement ring considerations and try to incorporate them in the low profile ring. Note that even though Cathedral is a high profile setting, you can design it to fit a low profile setting as well. The easiest method, however, is to seek guidance from an expert or your jeweler. The bottom line is to choose a ring that will be the best bet not only as of the right sparkler for your partner but also as a good investment.

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