Engagement Ring of your Dreams

Engagement Ring of your Dreams

Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Selection

An engagement ring is something precious which will always be with you from your wedding day. Don’t you want it to be unique? Yes, you do !!!

Some people wander to find the best ring for their engagement, where others settle with what they actually find at the first place. Engagement rings are something which stands as symbol of your love and it has to be the perfect one.

Why wander here and there, why settle with what you got at the first place when you have an option to customize your ring.

Pros and Cons of Customizing

Like there are two sides for a coin, every option have a positive and a negative side.


  • The ring will be a pure reflection of your individual personality
  • Ring style will be unique, and no one will have one like yours
  • It will be a symbol of love when you have matching rings
  • A definite conversation starter


  • Its more expensive. You might end up paying two to three times of what a regular ring might actually cost.
  • It’s a lengthy process. It might take several months to actually customize your specific design.
  • Unpredictability is always a factor. You will only get a glance of your ring at the time of engagement.

Make sure you consider all these factors before making a decision for your auspicious moment.

Understanding the Process

It is always an easy option to buy a ring directly from the store, but the option of customizing a ring isn’t. Let’s take a walk.

  • Sketching your idea: couples who want the ring to be customized always have an idea about how it should actually look like. Making sketches, visiting different outlets, checking on internet sites will definitely help you with choosing the right design.
  • Finding the right jewelry designer: after you have made decision on how you want your ring to look like, it is time to find the right designer. Consult with your friends, visit shops or even make a travel to find your right designer.
  • Collaborate: you have the design and you have the right designer. Now talk with the designer and take the final decision. Always keep in mind that, the designer is the one with more knowledge. He/she is an expert in this field. Considering their suggestions will only help you.
  • Protect yourself: talk about warranties and guarantees, put it in writings. Never forget to get insurance for something which is very precious.

Make sure you take the right decision and go beyond limits to make your dreams come true.

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