Diamonds Vs Other Gemstones: Which Is Better For Engagement Rings?

Diamonds Vs Other Gemstones: Which Is Better For Engagement Rings?

Design Your Own Ring
Design Your Own Ring

Diamonds are a commonly preferred gemstone for engagement rings because of their exceptional sparkle and high durability. But there is also a lot of other gemstones that can offer a stunning and unique look for your engagement ring. Most diamond rings available in the market come with colorless diamonds, as they are a common choice among people. You can also get colored diamonds, but they are often rare and colors will be usually soft.

If you want vibrant colors for your engagement ring, then gemstones can be a great option. Many brides see diamond rings as too conventional and a lot of them prefer unusual rings that can help them stand apart from the crowd. If you are one among them, then you can design your own ring with stunning and colorful alternative gemstones.

But for brides who prefer traditional rings, diamonds are a must, as they offer a classic and soft look for engagement rings. Therefore, choosing between diamonds and other gemstones can be greatly dependent on the personal preferences of each bride.

If you are wondering which is the best option for you, then we list some of the important factors that you should consider when choosing between diamonds and other gemstones.


They are the most durable choice when it comes to gemstones. Diamonds are well-known for their hardness and these stones won’t easily get damaged. Hence, they can be a great option for you to wear for a lifetime.

Diamonds also have wonderful brilliance and sparkle that a lot of people love. They are the traditional choice of brides when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands.

But diamonds can be highly expensive when compared to other gemstones. If you want to get diamonds for a lower price, then you will have to compromise on their quality. But this can affect the appeal of your diamonds and make them less stunning.

So you have to consider all these factors when planning to create your own ring with diamonds.

Other Gemstones

There is a wide variety of alternative gemstones available for you, but some of them are soft and cannot be used in engagement rings, as they can get damaged easily. But stones like sapphires and rubies are highly durable and they create a wonderful option for your ring with their stunning colors and durability.

In most cases, alternative gemstones are less expensive than diamonds, but their value can be greatly dependent on the intensity of the color and carat weight.

If you want a unique look instead of the common appearance offered by a diamond ring, then alternative gemstones are the best choice for you.

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