Diamonds Vs Moissanite: Which Is The Best Option For You

Diamonds Vs Moissanite: Which Is The Best Option For You

Design Your Ring
Design Your Ring

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones in engagement rings because of their great value and natural shine. They are the first choice of people who prefer a classic and timeless look for their rings. But these precious gemstones come with hefty price tags. Hence, you will have to spend a huge amount to get bigger diamonds for your engagement ring. Therefore, getting a diamond engagement ring might not be affordable for everyone.

But now it is possible for you to get some other gemstones like moissanite that can offer the look of diamonds. These gemstones are also extremely cheaper than diamonds. Hence, you can design your ring with gemstones like moissanite to replicate the look of diamonds for much more affordable rates.

Even though moissanite has a look that can almost match diamonds, both these gemstones greatly vary in terms of their properties. Therefore, it is important for you to know the difference between these gemstones when choosing them for your engagement rings. Hence, we analyze the properties of diamonds and moissanite so that you will have enough knowledge about how these stones differ.


The biggest advantage of moissanite over a diamond is its price. Moissanite stones are very cheaper than the latter. Moissanite will be available for about one-tenth of the price of diamonds of the same quality and size. Like diamonds, the value of moissanite can also increase based on the increase in its carat weight.

If you want a bigger gemstone that looks like diamonds, but cannot afford real diamonds, then moissanite can be a great option for you. For many people, a bigger diamond with higher quality is unattainable. However, by choosing to design your own ring withmoissanite, it is possible for you to get a stone that looks like diamonds for extremely affordable rates.


Nothing can beat the durability of diamonds, as they are known as the hardest substance on the earth. On the Mohs scale that grades the durability of substances, diamonds have the highest score of 10.

Moissanite stones have great durability too. They have a score of about 9.5 on the Mohs scale. Hence, both diamonds and moissanite can be great options for people who want durable stones for their engagement rings.


Even though moissanite is found in nature, it is extremely rare. Hence, this stone is created artificially to include in jewelry. The moissanite stones you see in jewelry are lab grown. On the other hand, both natural and artificial diamonds are used in jewelry because of their great availability.

So if you are looking for a durable and cheaper alternative to diamonds, then moissanite can be a wonderful option for you.

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