Designing Your Own Vintage Diamond Rings

Designing Your Own Vintage Diamond Rings

Design Your Engagement Ring
Diamond Ring Selection

The thought of designing your diamond engagement ring is sure to excite you. After all, you are going to flaunt a resplendent sparkler that will be so special for you as well as your partner for the rest of your life. Usually, people who purchase readymade diamond engagement rings often find the issue of the design going out of vogue over time. You can aesthetically tackle this issue by choosing to design your diamond ring.

The possibilities for customizing a beautiful diamond ring are nearly endless and zeroing in on the right design can be a bit daunting at times. Hence, it is better to do a little bit of research before meeting your designer. However, if you are yearning to flaunt a sparkler that is so unique and captivating or if you admire the designs of the bygone eras, a vintage diamond engagement ring will be a nice choice. It is recommended to consider the following steps when you design your engagement ring to get the best results.

Find a Center Stone

The main factor of a diamond engagement ring that can turn heads is its center stone. It is likely to be the most expensive factor on the ring as well. Furthermore, choosing the center stone of your ring first will let you decide on the rest of the design easily. After all, the entire setting must be in proportion to the main gemstone for the best visual appeal.

Since you are considering vintage designs, a huge diamond that boasts old mine cut, rose cut, or a cushion diamond cut will be a nice choice. In case you love the sparkle of round diamond ring but prefer something a bit more contemporary, an oval diamond ring will be a good option. Secondly, choose side stones that are perfect to accentuate the beauty of the center stone. Baguettes will be a great choice for accents. If you love a dramatic effect, choose melee diamonds.

Diamond Settings

The main factor that offers a vintage appeal to your sparkler is the diamond ring setting. Needless to mention, the best choices to offer a regal and grand look to your vintage engagement rings include three stone diamond ring setting, cluster setting, and some other multi-stone settings. Halos are the personal favorite of most brides out there. To give a sophisticated appeal to your bling, consider a double or triple halo diamond ring. If you love to keep it simple and elegant, go for a solitaire setting. A bezel setting is also a great choice in this case.

Band Setting

When it comes to band setting, it is recommended to choose a thick band made of yellow gold or platinum. Bands encrusted with diamonds or other gemstones are usually considered for a vintage setting. Furthermore, the metal works such as milgrain and filigree will look exceptional on your beautiful vintage diamond rings. However, it requires great craftsmanship and talent to design such diamond rings. Hence, make sure to rely on a designer who boasts great expertise and service record in the field.

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