Design your Own Unusual Engagement Rings

Design your Own Unusual Engagement Rings

Customize Your Own Engagement Ring
Design Your Ring

Amere round brilliant cut diamond Platinum ring is not anymore the only choice of an engagement ring for your special person on their great day. There are many other designs to choose from. However, to cull that perfect ring which hints about the very personality of your partner can be arduous. But why should you go for the normal kinds of stuff, customize your own engagement ring for your beloved with any of the below-mentioned ideas.

Pave Diamond Ring

The platinum band with the central focus on a bed of diamonds that are pave set placed on an oval disc are inevitably an inspiration of the Twilight Ring. The otherwise simple band can be made complicated and unusual with the beautiful web-like structure. The patterns that the ring carries off gracefully are in no way detracting the cluster of white diamonds.

Mini Half-Halo Rose Gold Ring with Pear Cut Sapphire

On the Rose Gold ring, a half halo is circumscribing a pear cut sapphire at the center. The diamonds set delicately on the halo are surface-set stones that accentuate clearly the audacity of the whole idea of mismatching with unusual shapes and unusual pattern. Ring also incorporates the bold move of pairing up metals and stones that are normally not twinned up.

Floral Art Deco Engagement Ring

Inspired by the romantic vintage rings of Art Deco 1920s, the jewelry is altered unusually with the flower vine design, in which is set the accent diamond stones. The ring is generally a bespoke diamond ring that houses modern brilliant round cut diamonds as the center stone charmingly on an organic floral band.

Double Shaded Floral Moissanite Ring

The two varied shades of Rose Gold and Palladium are in its best artistic blend in this unusual though simple ring. A round moissanite stone can be placed in the floral arrangement made with the darker metal. The shank set with palladium channel makes a great combo with the central section. A slight flair of vintage appeal can be hinted by accenting the shanks along with milgrain edges sculpted to the floral pattern.

Woven Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The woven pattern of the Rose Gold ring is further emphasized by the classic placing of Argyle Pink diamonds, which are however set distortedly on either arm of the ring. Moreover, the center stage is taken by the high specification center diamond, unlike any solitaire ring with mere metal arms. This unusual engagement ring can be paired up with similar look ring of any other stunning metal to create a peculiarly attractive bridal set.

Intertwined Engagement Ring with Rough Diamond

Striking organic shapes and textures of this ring are that makes this ring a total standout, especially adorning a rough diamond right at the center. There is a beautiful blend of perfection and imperfection in the minimalist patterned band. Choosing two different metal tones in the ring offers them a heavenly glimpse besides the rough stone shining in its very raw form in the charming ring.

Sapphire Diamond Platinum Contouring Ring

A whole new modern twist can be given to the otherwise organic ring which may be labeled as a freeform pattern. An alluring perspective effect will be offered by setting a Chatham sapphire as the center stone, surrounded by a tandem of round and marquise cut diamond. Blue sapphires and white diamonds are supposedly syncing well in Platinum metal here also.

Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Sapphires

The pattern celebrates the halo arrangement of sapphire and diamond stones in the minimalist though the intriguing way in this ring. The Rose Gold shanks with accent round brilliant cut diamonds support genuine sapphire stone at the center quite elegantly. The diamonds at the shanks sparkle to the fullest when they are affixed in a micro-prong set.

Twisted Pear-cut Stone Engagement Ring

Exuding an artisanal quality, this unusual organic ring can be designed by placing a large Moissanite stone of pear cut shape at the center. A leaf setting can be ideal. Furthermore, to bring about a different texture, the setting can be blasted with glass. The most splendid odd look is attained by accent diamond set twisted band. Palladium can be one of the best choices of metal that compliments well for the stones.

Multi-Stone Engagement Diamond Ring

This is yet another ring that is inspired by the Art Deco style, with its dramatic though elegant aspect. The design can be said of emulating the tapered baguettes which has a modern round brilliant cut at the center. The real depth of the graduated round diamond stones is captured from the prominent shared claws showcased in the platinum band.

Trillion Cut Sapphire Ring

Australian sapphires can be preferred over the usual blue gemstones to create that play of colors from all the three corners of the stone across the shoulders of accent diamonds set in the platinum band. The ring is an outright twist to the solitaire rings with the former’s geometric style featured with the trillion cut sapphire stone.

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