Customizing your Heirloom Diamond Rings

Customizing your Heirloom Diamond Rings

Design Your Engagement Ring
Diamond Rings Customizing Tips

Heirloom diamond rings are something that flaunts your legacy. Hence, it will be a great option to kick-start your beautiful relationship with such amazing sparklers. In fact, this will be the best way to welcome your significant other to your family. Furthermore, brand new diamond engagement rings will be really expensive that only a few people will be able to afford them. Still, some women might want their would-be husbands to spend their savings on their engagement ring. Hence, it can be a bit challenging whether to go for an heirloom diamond engagement ring or a brand new diamond ring. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the important points that you may consider.

Choose an Heirloom Diamond Ring if:

  • Your significant other loves vintage designs
  • You love to show off the rich history and legacy of your family
  • You love and respect passing down the tradition of your family ring to your children in the future
  • You want to save your diamond engagement ring expense and invest it on something else such as home, vehicle, etc.
  • You both love the fact that the ring symbolized numerous love stories in the past and want it to continue onto your love story now

Choose a Brand New Diamond Engagement Ring if:

  • You believe in the freedom of choosing a diamond ring that defines your unique relationship with your partner rather than considering a ring that is used by many people
  • You do not like the design of your family diamond ring
  • You have a particular diamond engagement design in your mind that you want your better half to wear
  • You want to design your engagement ring along with your partner
  • You are more likely to change the design of your heirloom diamond ring in the future that can be more expensive than buying a new diamond ring instead

Evaluate the points listed above thoroughly and decide whether to propose to your better half with your heirloom diamond engagement rings. Yet even if the result is positive, there are certain things that you must consider before gifting it to your soul mate. For instance, it is better to give your heirloom diamond ring a good makeover first so that your better half doesn’t get intimidated by its appeal. Some of the upgrade options that you may consider in this case are given below.

Repair your Antique Diamond Ring

Heirloom diamond rings might be centuries old, and hence, there are some obvious chances for it to get damaged over time. So, it is better to give for maintenance prior to your proposal. If you want, you can design your ring by re-setting it. That is, you can keep your center diamond and change the entire metal setting or vice versa depending on your budget. Anyhow, it is recommended to consult a jeweler who is experienced in dealing with antique diamond rings.

Make Sure That the Ring Defines the Style of your Partner

You must make sure that your heirloom diamond ring is perfect to represent the personality and style of your partner. Otherwise, she may easily get bored with your antique diamond ring design. For this, know about her jewelry styles. Some people will be fond of edgy and vintage designs. In such cases, you will not have to make many changes in your family diamond ring.

On the other hand, some women will be more into stylish and minimal diamond ring styles with less amount of metal setting. Here, you will have to give a good makeover to your ring. Keep in mind that diamond ring trends do change, so it will be a stupid decision to run behind the latest diamond ring designs.

Consider the Factors That you like and Don’t like about your Vintage Charm

Once you take your heirloom diamond ring to a credible jeweler, tell them the factors that you adore and hate about your ring. Make sure to include your better half as well in this process because she is the one who will have to wear it for the rest of her life. When you design your engagement ring, try to keep most of the detailing on your antique ring such as the metal works, embellishments, etc., as such so as to create a new ring without ruining the original appeal of your heirloom ring.

Engraving your Ring

Sometimes, you will be in love with your heirloom diamond rings and would not want to change even the slightest detail in it. At the same time, you might wish to give something unique and emotional to your better half. You can achieve this task by simply engraving your name’s initials or a romantic quote on the inner band of the antique diamond ring. This way, you will be able to cherish your heirloom diamond rings as it is and can contribute to its rich legacy.

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