Custom-Designed Ring Versus Readymade Ring

Custom-Designed Ring Versus Readymade Ring

Create Your Own Diamond Ring
Create Your Own Diamond Ring

It takes decision-making skills and careful consideration to find the right wedding band or engagement ring. One of those is to decide whether or not to create your own diamond ring. Here, we will discuss the distinctions between purchasing a readymade ring and custom-designing one. There are pluses and minuses to the two choices, and your ultimate choice will hinge on your situation.

Why Go Down The Custom Route?

You Can Make A Unique Ring

Giving a unique wedding band or engagement ring to your intended is the best way of showing them that you find them unique.

It Is Also A Product Quality Guarantee

Several retailers sell readymade jewelry pieces that are produced on a mass scale abroad. On the contrary, a local jeweler will make you a beautiful piece of jewelry of your choice.

You Can Partake In The Whole Process

If you design your diamond ring, it would offer you much control over the design and appearance of the end product. The custom-design route will allow making revisions up to the time you get what you seek.

Why Avoid A Custom-Created Ring?

Custom-Designing Takes Time

According to the jeweler, you may need to wait 1 to 2 months or more from the first consultation to getting the ring. When you want it quickly, the custom-designed route perhaps does not suit you.

The Rate Is Potentially Bigger

While it would vary according to the form of a ring that you want to design, a custom-produced jewelry piece will cost slightly more than a readymade piece.

Why Go Down The Readymade Route?

It Will Save You Much Time

You only have to choose a ring that you like from the catalog of a vendor. If it applies, you may need to pick the gemstone or diamond, and the precious metal type.

Customization Is Also Possible

Readymade rings may be mass-produced, but jewelers will usually give you many customization options, regarding the setting, metal type, engravings, gemstone, and so forth.

Why Decide Against A Readymade Ring?

It Is Not Always A Unique Product

The whole point of a wedding band or engagement ring is not just to be one-of-a-kind, but to signify your commitment and love too. For several couples, however, having a different and customized ring makes it much more meaningful and symbolic.

It Possibly Takes Time

There are many readymade ring options, so you can find the process time-consuming. On the bright side, you could return the product, unlike a custom-created ring.

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