Choosing Diamond Rings That Complement the Personality of your Fiancée

Choosing Diamond Rings That Complement the Personality of your Fiancée

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Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée is nothing less than an adventure since it must be really special and unique so that she can show it off proudly to the entire world. After all, it is the symbol of your unconditional love towards her. Besides, the ring must define her. In other words, you must design your diamond ring in such a way that it reflects her personality and lifestyle. This will make it easier for her to wear the ring at every occasion irrespective of the theme or dress.

Plus, she will not have to worry about the design going out of fashion over time since it states her style perfectly. Sometimes, you may find this whole engagement ring selection or designing process a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, you can tackle this if you consider the following professional suggestions about the ideal cuts for different brides.

Humble Bride

Marquise cut is one of the most beautiful options that will complement the style and character of a humble bride. This timeless cut shows off curved sides and pointed tips offering a classic and elegant appeal. Hence, it will not stand out with her casual and modest dressing. In the case you go for chunky diamond rings, it may look really awkward and out-of-sync with her personality and style.

Party Bride

If your bride-to-be is a party butterfly, then she will probably be a big fan of big, sparkling stones. This will be really easier for you to choose since there are many options available in this case. Here, chunky or cocktail diamond rings will do the job. However, take care to choose a setting that is ideal for her active lifestyle when you design your ring.

Traditional-Yet-Modern Bride

If your ladylove is in awe of traditional designs that have a twist of modern flair, it is better to mix up different styles. That is, you may mix up the designs of different eras. For instance, you may consider a vintage diamond ring design that is extra brilliant, luxurious, and elegant at the same time. You can give it a stylish twist by choosing a blue center diamond. Besides, this is a safe option since blue stones are timeless.

Comfy Bride

If your significant other loves to wear comfy dresses such as jeans, t-shirts, maxi dress, etc., it is better to choose a simple engagement ring for her. One of the best options, in this case, will be a simple platinum solitaire diamond ring. Make sure that the stone is average-sized so that it will not ruin her natural and modest appeal.

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