Best Design Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Custom Ring

Best Design Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Custom Ring

Design your Diamond Ring
Design Your Engagement Ring

If you hold a beautiful diamond ring close to heart, your mind probably has an awesome story to tell to you about it; however, you may not be sure of where to start from; the best answer is creating your own custom ring. It is not necessary to become a jewelry designer or a gemologist to be able to design your diamond ring all by yourself. You would be able to create your dream custom ring even if you didn’t know the difference between an emerald cut and a round cut ring.

Before making your dream custom ring, you would have to decide on a number of factors. One is whether you prefer platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold, or a mix of different metals. Another thing to choose is the center gemstone, it matters whether you want a diamond centerpiece or another alternative gemstone. Creating your own custom ring doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive; you would be able to design your diamond ring for different budgets. The most interesting thing here is that you would have tons of options to choose from.

Designing Custom Ring Online

If you are planning to design a custom engagement ring online, you would be directed to a series of questions such as:

  1. Which metal do you prefer? Do you like yellow, rose, and white gold or do you prefer palladium, sterling silver, platinum, or bronze.
  2. Would you want to include gemstone to your design? If you do, what stone type, color, cut, shape, and carat weight do you prefer?
  3. If you would like a gemstone in your design, what type of setting do you want?
  4. What are your desired ring size and dimensions?
  5. What type of finish do you want for your ring – do you like satin, matte, or polish finish?

You would be able to find more such questions, each narrowing your options when answered. For each individual the custom design would have a different timeline for production and completion. In most cases, you would need at least two months of time for production. Therefore, if you are planning to design your own custom engagement ring, you would have to plan it beforehand. You would also be able to get many inspirational jewelry designs online to get started.

Heirloom Diamonds With A Piece Of Granite

If you are a person who likes to choose from all the options available, or if you like to stand out from the crowd, this would be a good option for you. This beautiful ring option is made from the combination of heirloom diamonds with a granite piece. The ring would look stunningly elegant and unique on your fingers.

Half-Moon Sapphire With Champagne Diamond

This unique ring is made using a half-moon sapphire stones, with a hex cut sapphire and an elegant round champagne diamond. This would really make a good proposal ring, which your girl could never say no to. You would be able to create a variation for this ring using a blue sapphire stone centerpiece.

Rose Cut Pear Sapphire Ring

This would be an awesome option if you don’t like moving along with the herd – by choosing a single ring metal – or if you would like to choose something other than the common yellow gold for your ring metal. A rose cut pear sapphire ring has a band created by the mixture of two metals – rose gold and white gold. The ring would be both distinctive and also budget friendly, and definitely capture your heart.

Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring Having Gemstones

If you really know in your heart of hearts that you want a custom ring and are not quite sure on where to start your search from, just take a look at this ring. This beautiful ring is made using emerald and rose cut diamonds. This is one of the settings which could light up the creativity that lies hidden within you. The color and stylish look of this stunning ring would attract anyone who laid eyes on it.

Custom Asscher Cut Sapphire and Iolite Engagement Ring

Most people are not sure of what they want until they see the ring; this is absolutely fine. An Iolite engagement ring is easy to fall in love with. The ring can have a centerpiece comprising an asscher cut white sapphire. The ring would actually be a good catch from the quality of being spontaneous.
You would be able to create a variation for this ring by including two half-moon iolites in the custom made ring, along with an Asscher cut white sapphire to have great looking Asscher cut engagement rings.

As always, prefer a stone that comes with a grading report from a reputed lab, and make sure that this is authentic. Not only does that let you know for sure that the gem is the real deal, it also raises resell value in case you decide to let go of the thing later on.

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