A Helpful Guide to Filigree Diamond Ring Designs

A Helpful Guide to Filigree Diamond Ring Designs

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Diamonds are regarded as the most important and valuable elements of an engagement ring. Usually, people tend to ponder on the size, shape, color, and cut of their center stone to give the best visual appeal to the sparkler. However, diamonds are not the only factors that can enhance the beauty of your engagement rings; certain metal works can also do this task well. One of the best options that you may consider in this case is the filigree metal setting. This type of rings tends to exhibit intricate and sophisticated ornamental detailing and works formed using metals. This type of diamond ring design will be especially perfect for someone who admires the beauty of vintage diamond rings.

In other words, the concept of filigree setting in the jewelry field is a bit unique and outstanding. In fact, the filigree setting is usually defined as ‘an embellishment in which a fine, delicate, pliable thread of precious metal is used either with platinum or palladium, which is further twisted and curled into a certain design and then, soldered on the diamond ring band’.

Needless to mention, it requires great craftsmanship, skills, and patience to build a diamond ring that features filigree metalwork. Additionally, this type of embellishments tends to create inimitable and gorgeous motifs that give a lacy and beautiful to your engagement rings. While you can see filigree works and detailing on some handcrafted jewelry pieces, filigree is totally different from engraving.

Note that while the engraving process involves carving the metal band of your ring to get the desired result, filigree works are designed separately and is attached atop the metal band later. The latter was extremely popular during the Victorian era when the focus was on feminine and romantic designs.

Popular Diamond Shapes and Metal Choices That Compliment Filigree Settings

When it comes to ring setting or designs, beautiful diamond rings experiment with their fragility and color. This contributes to the formation of seemingly delicate and eye-catching filigrees with a stunning center stone such as gemstones, diamonds, or pearls. No wonder, even the jewelry masterpieces created during the Edwardian era are cherished by the millennials. Apart from just the visual appeal or the uniqueness of the design, there are many reasons why it is ideal to design your diamond ring using filigree metalwork and detailing.

Why Choose Filigree Diamond Rings

One of the most sensible and valuable reason is that diamonds and other gemstones are way expensive than metals. In simple words, filigree is a cheaper yet outstanding alternative to expensive diamond rings. You can flank filigree designs on the sides of your center stone or around your accent diamonds to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. So, if you are a discerning person and your main intention is to stand out or draw the attention of people around you, vintage filigree diamond rings will be the right choice.

Antique filigree diamond rings will also be an amazing choice to flaunt the elegance of a totally different era in the most appealing way possible. In short, filigree diamond rings offer a timeless and romantic appeal to the ring. Plus, it tends to give a distinct and better dimension to an otherwise normal engagement ring design.

Popular Filigree Settings

Some of the most popular filigree settings include knotted settings, pear-shaped stones, black diamond, halo cushion cut diamond, etc. However, most charming filigree diamond rings tend to mimic the designs that existed before the 1950s. Note that the beauty of filigree diamond rings is not just assessed on the basis of its visual appeal but also based on its quality.

Usually, higher quality filigree rings will be more durable and beautiful. Unsurprisingly, higher quality rings will be way expensive. Once you decide the elements you would like to include in your engagement ring, you may decide your budget or vice versa. Some of the appealing styles that you can consider to recreate or mimic an antique or vintage filigree diamond ring are listed below.

Solitaire Scroll Diamond Engagement Ring

As the name indicates, this type of filigree diamond ring tends to boast a scroll pattern. Plus, the visual elegance of the ring is lifted by giving an amazing winding style and multiple curves around the main gemstone. Usually, this type of design is created using white metal. To give it a stylish appeal, you can opt to set white gold filigrees atop a yellow gold band.

Vintage Flower Diamond Ring

This amazing floral ring features a double row of beautifully crafted melee diamonds that run till halfway of the band. The filigree setting around the beautiful round brilliant cut center diamond is given in a way that it replicated a scintillating flower, as the name indicates. If you are tight on budget, you can choose any of the colored gemstones as the center stone. This design will be ideal for all the brides who love to emphasize the beauty of their ring as well as their relationship.

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