7 Creative Ways to Customize your Engagement Ring

7 Creative Ways to Customize your Engagement Ring

Design Your Own Ring
Customize Engagement Ring

Most often, when shopping for engagement rings, the customer might end up buying a ring that might not suit his/her interest. It may be too much traditional, too plain or too big for the person. Therefore, it will be a better idea to customize your own engagement ring. Here are five creative ways to design your own ring.

Use the Diamonds from your Favorite Place

This is a way in which you can keep alive the memory of your visit to your favorite place. You can use the diamond you brought back from your favorite place to make your engagement ring.

Bring your Fandom to your Ring

 If you are a fan of some movie, series or books, you can reflect that on your ring. An example is the ring inspired from the Harry Potter story in which, the band of the ring was detailed like a wand handle.

Reflect your Faith on the Ring

If you are a religious person, you can use the symbol of your religion on the ring. For example, the reference of your favorite Bible verse can be inscribed on the inside of the band.

Use the Favorite Flower Design

 You can use your favorite flower design on the ring to make it more appealing. Petal influenced halo designs are very common these days.

Use the Favorite Gem or Color

 If you have a favorite gem, it can be used as the stone on the ring. When customizing diamond rings you can choose the diamond of your favorite color and make it as the center stone. This way you will love the engagement ring more.

Think about Including your Family

 This is a creative idea. It makes you to remember of your loved ones every time you look at your ring. It can be a two stoned ring which will emphasize your union or there can be any number of accent stones around the center stone according to the number of children you have or the number of brothers or sisters you have.

Include your Birthstone

 If you are fond of your birthstone more than anything else this option is for you. You can fix your birthstone on your engagement ring. This costs only little and can be preferred if you are on a budget.

There are many such creative ways to customize your engagement ring. Adding such personal elements to the engagement ring will make it more pleasing to you and your partner.

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