6 Attractive Ways to Design Rose Gold Diamond Rings

6 Attractive Ways to Design Rose Gold Diamond Rings

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Nobody knew that a tinge of copper could bring about a drastic change to gold diamond rings, resulting in an alluring rose gold. The trendy metal is preferred by people of all skin tones, and loved for its blushing hue that can be experimented in a diverse pattern of rings. For those folks who would love to play it differently, below are six ideas to design your wedding ring with rose gold and attain that sleek and elegant look.

Streamlined Rose Gold

This splendid category comprises of channel set and infinity diamond bands. Setting an affordable carat sized diamond on the infinity diamond wedding bands made of rose gold will be absolutely stunning. Nevertheless, smaller stones in rose gold cannot be taken back. For the people who wish to stand out from the commons may go for placing black diamonds in the central row spread aesthetically on rose gold rings.

Solitary Rose Gold

A single stone on rose gold is a marvel to look at unlike the platinum or typical yellow gold. Pave set row or channel set of diamonds in placed in rose gold is another alluring choice. Picking the appropriate carat size while choosing the diamonds is important here, as it should not look awkward with diamond overlapping the bezel styled rose gold.

Scattered Rose Gold

Rose gold is that perfect metal to experiment with any unusual patterns. To give about a romantic as well as eccentric feel, diamonds are inset on the band to give off a scattered look. For the whimsical probe of scattering, black or a plain white diamonds can be chosen.

Classic Rose Gold

Rose gold offers an ethnic look here by getting inspired from Victorian or Edwardian age styles. The classic style of Edwardian era can be experimented by engraving milgrain or floral ideas, while a ‘vines and leaves’ design provide a Victorian grace to the rose gold rings.

Quintet Rose

Larger diamonds would do all the talking to the rose gold emanating into a quintet pattern. The boosting job of carat weight is done by more number of larger diamonds. It would weigh 1/10th of the carat for the diamonds set in such a way.

Combination Color Rings

A more colorful picture can be set by mixing up any gemstones or your birthstone alongside the rows of white diamonds in rose gold rings. It can be experimented with pearls, other gemstones, or even a pink diamond to accentuate the whole look.

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