5 Advantages of Getting a Bespoke Ring

5 Advantages of Getting a Bespoke Ring

Create Your Own Diamond Ring
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The perfect engagement ring can be as elusive as a unicorn sometimes, and searching for it is almost guaranteed to heap the kind of frustration one is rarely prepared for. The main problem is the sheer variety of options that hit you when you venture out shopping these days. Modern jewelers sell rings of all shapes and sizes, made using a plethora of precious metals and studded with as many different gemstones. It is easy to get confused even after you have extensively researched the 4 C’s, the specifics of gem grading, stone settings, etc. One thing that can simplify the process here is getting a bespoke ring.

Assuming you are looking for something truly wonderful and in keeping with your specific tastes, a custom-made ring is a great option, and may even be the best one at that. Considering the significant struggle that most buyers take on when they set out to pick a pre-finished design, you would be inclined to create your own diamond ring, although it would cost you more. Below are some of the main advantages you can expect from getting a bespoke ring.


There are almost too many different jewelry collections sold these days at physical stores, as well as online. Pinning down the right ring for you or a partner could take up to several months if you are particular regarding your choices. The process can be made even harder if you want to surprise them, and could leave you store hopping all around the place, unable to choose among the attractive options you kept seeing. In contrast, designing something by yourself would preclude all that stress for both you and the jeweler, and let you throw your full focus on beautifully rendering the design hat you have in mind.

Realizing your Dream Design

The best thing about custom designing is that it lets you have the creative freedom almost everyone wants when getting jewelry for a loved one. The only restrictions to size, shape, color, gem, and metal are the ones placed by your wallet, so you have a sense of clarity right from the get-go. Throughout the process, you get to focus on the goal of building a ring that goes well with your partner’s personality and style. Inspiration can be had from many areas, and you even have the option to scale down a glamorous design to cut cost. If you do it right, you are left with a magnificent and affordable piece with which to surprise your beloved.


Stock jewelry sold nowadays falls in a wide quality range, borrowing aesthetic aspects from new trends and often costing an arm and a leg at the retail stage. Spending the same amount or even less on a bespoke piece, can guarantee better attention to detail and good craftsmanship. The result is often a marvelous ring with great design, superiorly sturdy construction, intricate finishing, and an undeniable symbolism that ties it to your partner. Working with a skilled designer to design your diamond ring lets you incorporate the best ideas you have in mind, and merge these in the best possible ways. The beauty of this would easily put regular store-bought jewelry to shame.


This is best explained with an example, so here goes: Prince Harry’s proposal to Meghan Markle featured an engagement ring that was made from scratch, and which was studded with a beautiful yellow ring sourced from Botswana. The country is a place these two treasure for personal reasons, which is one reason why the ring means so much to them. The ring also had diamonds formerly owned by Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother, symbolizing the immense impact that Markle had on his life. If you choose the bespoke route, adding sentimental touches such as these is always an option, provided you can afford it of course.

Ease of Staying Inside Budget

The one thing people often associate with an engagement ring is high cost, and rightly so. A lot of couples find it challenging to stay inside budget when they see so many pricey options that they like. Beautiful rings are a dime a dozen, but not literally. Customizing lets you decide early on where to draw the line, so that you retain control over cost and design at every step. Proper collaboration with the jeweler in ring fabrication allows ensuring you do not go over budget accidentally. If, for example, a flawless center stone costs too much, then scaling down the clarity and color can bring down the overall cost.

There are many other reasons to prefer a bespoke ring, but the ones mentioned above are the ones most pertinent to a first-time buyer. Plenty of customization options are available these days, you just have to find one that you can trust, and then get started on making your fiancée’s dream engagement ring into a reality.

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