3 Methods to Save Money When Creating Your Own Ring

3 Methods to Save Money When Creating Your Own Ring

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No one likes to pay more for anything they buy in the market. People always try to get things for a cheaper price than the original price. The same is the case with diamond engagement ring also. But the fact is that the quality of the diamond decreases as the price decreases. When designing or creating your own engagement ring it is possible to do that cheaply without compromising the quality and performance. Here are three methods to do so.

Shopping Online

This is the best option to save money when you are creating your own ring. You can get better selections and prices online than in the normal diamond market. Since the capital investment needed will be very high, no diamond store will keep a very huge collection of diamonds in their store. The high insurance premiums and high amount for security and storage forbids any diamond dealer from doing so.

Such problems do not affect the online stores. There is no loss of money in the form of store rental and salary for sales staff. Hence, those savings also come to the customer. The online shopping of diamonds is really good since it can help you save a lot of money which would have otherwise been spent in a physical store. Also it must be noted that, there are large number of selections available in the online store.

Choose 14k Gold

When choosing the metal for the setting, it is better for you to choose 14k gold because that is the one which is affordable. Platinum can be very expensive ranging even to double the price of the 14k gold. It is preferable to use 14k gold unless you have to use platinum because of some specific unavoidable reason.

Go Low in Color/Clarity

For diamond engagement rings, the price is largely determined by the center stone and the 4C’s of the diamond. Therefore two identically looking diamonds can have huge differences in their prices. When you are creating your own ring and you want to save money in doing that, you can go for a stone which has a low clarity. You do not necessarily need a high clarity stone for the ring to look amazing. So be wise to choose a stone of low color and clarity.

When you approach the shopping of engagement ring practically and rationally you will be able to save much of your money which would otherwise be spend unnecessarily on unimportant things.

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